D2L Capture - Lecture Capture

<empty>Use D2L Capture to create audio-visual content for media rich courses.

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• Use Case Recommendations, Minimum System Requirements and Technical Specifications   HTML file icon

Getting started with D2L’s Lecture Capture:

  • Watch an overview of the software:
    Lecture Capture Training Video
  • Set Up Presenter Access:
    Log into D2L, go to Resources > Capture Central
    As soon as you access this page, you are set up as a presenter.
  • Download/Install Software:
    The software can be downloaded from D2L,
    Design -> Instructional Software -> Lecture Capture Installer for Windows/Mac
  1. Install and open the recorder.
  2. Input the following URL for the Capture Server:
  3. Click “Login” and leave the drop-down menu set to “LSCS LE.”
  4. Click “Open Login Page” and log in.
  • Recording an offline presentation  HTML icon
  • Publishing a presentation  HTML icon
  • Managing published presentations and playlists  HTML icon
  • Adding Closed Captions    video icon
  • More Capture Topics    HTML icon