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Technologies We Support

LSC-Online Technology Portfolio

These technologies are supported by the LSC-Online team through VTAC Chat or your campus Instructional Designer.

Brightspace by D2L

Brightspace provides a platform for online course content in face-to-face, hybrid and online courses.
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D2L Capture allows instructors to record classroom presentation to supplement key concepts or provide targeted study aids. Once installed, D2L Capture is accessed by instructors through the Resource link in the D2L Learning Environment. 
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D2L Grader App allows instructors to grade drop box assignments from an iPad or iPhone with this mobile application available for download from the App Store.

D2L Binder App allows students to use eTextbooks and other course content from an iPad whether online or offline.


Respondus Campus Wide is an exam authoring software that can be used to create exams and publish to D2L. To download Respondus Campus Wide 4.0 to your computer go to your D2L home page and go to SUPPORT > Course Design > Instructional Software > Respondus/Study Mate License and/or Password. Click either download link and use the information provide to complete the download.
View supporting documentation at Respondus.com

Respondus Lockdown Browser helps increase exam security with Respondus LockDown Browser which prevents students from printing, using other applications or visiting other websites while an exam is open. Computers in assessment centers all have Respondus LockDown Browser installed. Students who need it for a test at home, can download the Respondus LockDown Browser.
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StudyMate provides learning activities including flashcards, crosswords and self-assessment quizzes to help students master content. To obtain access to Respondus StudyMate, contact VTAC Live Chat.
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Softchalk is content authoring software that can be used to create engaging, media-rich modules for your online courses. Softchalk allows instructors to incorporate images, audio, video and even quizzes into content modules. Lessons can be stored in Softchalk Cloud for anytime access and portability. Lessons can be shared with the global Softchalk Community of just to specified individuals or groups. To download Softchalk Create and get access to Softchalk Cloud, go to SUPPORT > Course Design > Instructional Software > Softchalk.
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Turnitin.com is an online database that checks for plagiarism in papers. Faculty can use Turnitin.com by simply clicking a checkbox within any Dropbox in D2L. Students can also use Turnitin.com to check their work before submitting. For account access information for students, contact your campus Professional Development centers.
View supporting documentation at Turnitin.com

WebEx – via OTS

WebEx is videoconferencing software that allows instructors to set up synchronous meeting times with students via the web. WebEx combines desktop sharing, video and phone conferencing. All employees have a general WebEx account. Contact OTS at 832.813.6600 or 1.866.614.5014 if you do not.
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