Legal Affairs Policy

Lone Star College System District
Board Policy Manual

Fourth Edition

Table of Contents: Section VII- Legal Affairs

VII.A. Legal Affairs

VII.A.1. Purpose

  • VII.A.1.01 Litigation
  • VII.A.1.02 Outside Legal Counsel

VII.A.2. Request for Legal Opinions, Advice, Information and Policy Interpretations

  • VII.A.2.01 Legal Services
  • VII.A.2.02 Board Agenda Items
  • VII.A.2.03 Requests for Legal Services
  • VII.A.2.04 Procedures for Legal Services

VII.A.3. Open Records Decision Requests

VII.A.4. Contract Compliance

  • VII.4.01 Purpose and Scope
  • VII.4.02 Policy
  • VII.4.03 General Provisions
  • VII.4.04 Special Contracting Requirements and Contract Preparation

VII.A.5. Trademark Management

  • VII.A.5.01 General Provisions

VII.A.6. Protection of Confidential Information

  • VII.A.6.01Policy