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MATH 1342 - Elementary Statistical Methods (Statistical Reasoning)

This college-level course in the Statistics pathway is designed for students with non-STEM majors—such as the humanities or social sciences—for whose career goals statistics will be relevant.  Enrollment in this class is contingent upon successful completion of MATH 0309 (Foundations).  Additionally, students who have completed MATH 0310 or have placed into college-level courses are also eligible for enrollment in this course.

MATH 1342 - Elementary Statistics (Statistical Reasoning) Course Description

Have you wondered how we measure the effectiveness of flu vaccines or why experiments have placebo groups? Have you scratched your head trying to figure out the likelihood that a coin would land heads up five times in a row? Statistics can help you answer these questions. Understanding what statistics can (and can't) tell you will help you make more informed decisions at work and in your personal life. In this class, you will build mathematical skills that will be useful in your field of study.

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Learning Outcomes