This college-level course in the Statistics pathway is designed for students with non-STEM majors—such as the humanities or social sciences—for whose career goals statistics will be relevant.  This class will be offered in Spring 2014 and is contingent upon successful completion of MATH 0309 (Foundations) and, if applicable, EDUC 1300 (Learning Framework: 1st Year Experience).

MATH 1342 - Elementary Statistics Course Description

This course includes topics from presentation and interpretation of data, probability, sampling, correlation and regression, analysis of variance, and the use of statistical software.  Upon successful completion of this course, students will: explain the use of data collection and statistics as tools to reach reasonable conclusions; recognize, examine and interpret the basic principles of describing and presenting data ; compute and interpret empirical and theoretical probabilities using the rules of probabilities and combinatorics; explain the role of probability in statistics; examine, analyze and compare various sampling distributions for both discrete and continuous random variables; describe and compute confidence intervals; solve linear regression and correlation problems; and perform hypothesis testing using statistical methods.