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II.K.1. Media Relations and Communications

II.K.1.01 Media Relations Representatives

The responsibility to maintain working relationships with news media, to initiate news releases and other proactive communication with media, respond to inquiries, coordinate crisis communications and track news coverage resides with the Chancellor's and President's designated media relations representatives.

II.K.1.02 - Approval Requirement

News releases naming an affiliation with the System or any of its colleges, but issued by other entities, including student organizations, must be approved in advance of distribution by the System or College designated media relations representative.

II.K.1.03 Communication Plan

The designated media relations representatives shall prepare a communication plan covering processes and procedures for media relations and internal and external communications.

In addition, the district shall adopt an emergency communication plan that includes, but is not limited to, the designation of the crisis communication team, its notification processes, guidelines and procedures for communicating to all stakeholders with the goals of minimizing speculation, inaccurate reporting, and negative publicity.

II.K.1.04 Communication with Media by System Personnel

Any media inquiries regarding administrative or policy matters shall be referred to the designated media relations representative. Faculty and other subject matter experts are expected to follow established protocol for interacting with reporters.

Individual employees who are not spokespersons or subject matter experts have a right to voice individual opinions to the public, but they should identify their comments as such, confine personal communication initiatives to their personal time and avoid linking the System's identity to their personal advocacy of political or charitable causes.


LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on August 7, 2008