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Meet the P.E.M.S. Officers


Michael Emmerick


PEMS - MichaelMajor: Electrical Engineering
From Michael: Hello Fellow Students and Faculty,
I am a United States Navy Veteran, returning to complete my degree in Electrical Engineering. My current target schools are the University of Houston and the University of Texas, Austin with plans to transfer Fall 2020.  Additionally, I am a full-time Dad who is very happily married with three small children. My wonderful wife and I have two girls who are six and three and my little boy who just celebrated his first birthday. Becoming more involved while building friendships and connections is such an important part of our journey.

*Insert pict of Michael*

This is a pic of my two girls and I conducting a weekend science project growing crystals.
email: MEMMERICK@d2l.lonestar.edu

Tucker Rinne

Vice President

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Bay Area - California 
Why did you join this organization?  I'm interested in the language of mathematics and its applications to the physical world around us.
What are your goals for the organization? Get my A's, read some books, learn more about myself.
What are your goals for the organization?: Find and bond with others who enjoy the same things I do, work with these people to improve my mind and theirs and create a project of interest with these people.
Career Interest: Working with people and numbers, bridging together the world of math and the physical world in my mind with my work.
Hobbies: Collecting music, playing bass, reading, biking
Quote:  "And we're all our own co-pilots, in our cockpits made of tin." - The Brave Little Abacus
Email: TRINNE@d2l.lonestar.edu

Chloe Levy

Treasurer and Maker space Coordinator

Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Why did you join this organization?  I love 3D printing and interacting with new people in the science field!
What are your personal goals for the semester? My goals revolve around me getting all A's and trying to be as active on campus as possible.
What are your goals for the organization? My goals are to continue our use in 3D printing and trying out new projects to make.
What are your career interests? My career focus includes culture and genetics of diaspora groups in the Middle East and in Europe.
What are your hobbies outside of school? My hobbies are knitting, art, dance, and writing.
Chloe is a Lone Star Freshman and is taking classes to become a Anthropology major at University of Houston. Most of her free time is spent working on school commitments, such as conferences or club activities, and interacting with her friends. Chloe has a deep love of science and history, and hopes to engage in interesting conversations and events with other students that share her interests.
Quote: "Students with a calling to math, science, or a calling to new opportunities should feel welcome."
Email: chllevy@my.lonestar.edu

Legima Claude Langmia

Officer of International Students

Why did you join this organization?  I am majoring in bio medical engineering and I thought it would be beneficial for me to be involve in a club like this. And also, it would be a good endorsement on my transcript.
What are your personal goals for the semester? My goal for the semester is to main a good attendance and have an A in all my classes.
What are your goals for the organization?  My goals for this club is help the organization grow, work on my assign position to the best of my abilities, and attend meetings, while also improving my leaderships skills.
What are your career interests? My career interest is biomedical engineering. I am going to take biomedical engineering as an undergraduate degree, then transfer to a medical school to become a cardiologist.
What are your hobbies outside of school?  My hobbies are playing soccer and working out.
Email: LLANGMIA@d2l.lonestar.edu 

Patrick Mansfield

Officer of Civic Engagement and Student Mentors

Major: Engineering
From Patrick?: Hey guys this is Patrick M.
I'm almost finished with all my math and science classes for engineering, and I do offer tutoring to those who need help. My biggest reason for joining this club in general is because I want to be apart of the garden design project that I've heard about. I work for the Men's Center, and last year, I proposed an Earth Day event in which the Men Center would collaborate with other departments. The event has been pushed for this upcoming Earth Day and I would love to have the engineering club collaborate with us and provide a good service to the campus. If you have any questions or would like to chat about engineering or other STEM related ideas, I'm usually at the Men's Center and would love to discuss these ideas.
Email: PATMANSFIELD@d2l.lonestar.edu

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