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"Where the telescope ends, the microscope begins. Which of the two has the grander view?" Victor Hugo

Introduction and History of Microbiology
  1. Louis Pasteur
  2. Koch's postulates Microbial Underground
  3. Walter Reed -The Panama Puzzle University of Leicester
  4. Edward Jenner and the Discovery of Vaccination University of South Carolina
  5. Kary B. Mullis (1945 - ) Access Excellence
  6. The Slow Death of Spontaneous Generation (1668-1859) Access Excellence
  7. Microbes Pfizer Inc.
  1. Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, Symbiotic Theory Pamela J. W. Gore at Georgia Perimeter College
  2. Size Comparison: Virus, Bacteria, Red Blood Cell, Lymphocyte and Human Sperm Cells Alive!
  3. Whittaker Five Kingdom System - Plant Classification Frances M. Cardillo
  4. Classification, Nomenclature, and Key Making Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group
Bacteriology Menu
Morphology Structure Reporduction & Growth Metabolism Genetics Taxonomy
Bacterial Morphology
  1. MedMicro Profiles NYU Medical School
  2. Comparison of Sizes and Shapes of Microorganisms Gary E. Kaiser at Community College Baltimore County
  3. Electron Micrographs of Bacteria Linda M Stannard at University of Cape Town
  4. Pink Bugs, Purple Bugs University of Leicester
  5. Comparison of Prokaryote, Animal and Plant Cells by Rodney F. Boyer
  6. Photo Galley of Bacterial Pathogens by Neal R. Chamberlain, Ph.D
Bacterial Structure
  1. Bacterial Structure Timothy Paustian, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  2. How Bacteria Swim and Tumble Cells Alive!
  3. The Bacterial Cell Wall Linda M Stannard at University of Cape Town
  4. Bacterial Architecture: The Virtual Bacterium Dr. R. E. Hurlbert
  5. Bacterial Movement
Bacterial Reproduction and Growth
  1. Microbial Clock PBS
  2. Bacteria Divide and Multiply, Growth Curve Cells Alive!
  3. Lab Work - Bacterial Growth Curve University of Leicester
  4. Bacterial Nutrition and Environmental Requirements Dr. R. E. Hurlbert
  5. Bacterial Growth, Reproduction and Preservation Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
Bacterial Metabolism
  1. Animation of Facultative Anaerobes from Cornell Department of Microbiology Cornell University
  2. Metabolism and Control Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
  3. Anaerobic Respiration-Glycolysis and Fermentation Department of Microbiology Cornell University
  4. Glycolysis North Harris College
  5. Production of ATP by Oxidative Phosphorylation North Harris College
  6. Reactions and Enzymes M.J. Farabee at Maricopa Community College
  7. Cellular Respiration Kimball's Biology Pages
  8. Questions with Tutorial - Excellent on Cellular Respiration
  9. ATP and Biological Energy M.J. Farabee at Maricopa Community College
Bacterial Genetics
DNA Basics Protein Synthesis Genetic Material Transfers Genetic Engineering
DNA Basics
  1. DNA Replication Animation New Century College George Mason University
  2. DNA, RNA, Protein synthesis: The Revolution in Biology University of Arizona
  3. Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes University of Arizona
  4. Nucleic Acids Problem Set University of Arizona
  5. Types of Mutations Kimball's Biology Pages
Protein Synthesis
  1. Animation of Transcription New Century College George Mason University
  2. Animation of Translation New Century College George Mason University
  3. Movie of Protein Synthesis Tidepool at USM
  4. Outline of all the Protein Synthesis Steps. Terre Haute Center For Medical Education
  5. Protein Kinesis: Getting Proteins to Their Destination Kimball's Biology Pages
Genetic Material Transfers
  1. Microbial Exchange of Genetic Material Dr. R. E. Hurlbert
  2. Gene Regulation and the Operon North Harris College
  3. Control of Gene Expression M.J. Farabee at Maricopa Community College
  4. DNA Forensics Problem Set 1 University of Arizona
  5. Bacterial Genetics Microbial Underground
  6. Recombinant DNA Technology Problem Set University of Arizona
Genetic Engineering
  1. Tools of the Trade Human Genome Project.
  2. Genetic Engineering Dr. R. E. Hurlbert
  3. PCR Animation Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  4. Southern Blotting Animation Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  5. Recombinant DNA Lab Carleton College
Bacterial Taxonomy
  1. Bacteria: Systematics University of California, Berkeley
  2. Atypical Procaryotic Cells
  3. The Mycobacteria - Ducks of the Microbial World University of Cape Town
  4. On Earth: Extreme Environments NASA
  5. Chlamydia trachomatis Bacteriology at UW-Madison
  6. Lecture Topics Bacteriology at UW-Madison
  1. Mycology.com
  2. Fungal Infections of Man New York University School of Medicine
  3. Phungophobe's Phear -- "Higher Fungi" Ross Koning , Eastern Connecticut State University
  4. Medical Mycology Research Center UTMB Galveston
  5. The Internet Guide to Myxomycetes
  6. Classification and How Fungi are Named (Photo Links) University of Hawaii
  7. Fun Facts about Fungi University of Michigan
  1. Algae
  2. Harmful Algae Page -Red Tide Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  3. NCSU Aquatic Botany -Pifesteria piscicida Page NC State University
  4. Protozoa
  5. Basic Biology of Cryptosporidium Kansas State University
  6. Introduction to the Basal Eukaryotes University of California, Berkeley
  7. Introduction to the Ciliata University of California, Berkeley
  8. Parasitic Images and Descriptions Ohio State University Biological Sciences
  9. Introduction to the Apicomplexa University of California, Berkeley
  10. Fun with Fungi -- "Lower Fungi" Ross Koning , Eastern Connecticut State University
  1. Introduction to the Platyhelminthes University of California, Berkeley
  2. University of Nebraska -Nematology
  3. Parasitic Images and Descriptions Ohio State University Biological Sciences
  4. Nematode Basics USDA
  5. The Parasitology Images List Queensland University of Technology


  1. Herpes Virus Replication UC Irvine School of Biological Sciences
  2. West Nile Virus National Biological Information Infrastructure
  3. Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses
  4. All the Virology on the WWW Tulane University
  5. Virus Structure University of Cape Town
  6. Virus Structure and Life Cycle
  7. Viruses and Bacteria Cells Alive!
  8. All about Viruses Gary E. Kaiser at Community College Baltimore County
  9. HIV Infection -Check out the sites on the HIV diagram Cells Alive!
  10. The Body- a Wealth of Info on Aids
  11. Mad Cow Disease and Prions Why Files
  12. Nobel Prize on Prions Illustration
  13. Molecular Virology Robert M. Bock Laboratories UW-Madison
Microbial Control
  1. An Ounce of Prevention CDC
  2. Pictures of People with Vaccine-Preventable Diseaases Immunization Action Coalition
  3. Mechanisms of Actions of AntibioticsGlaxoSmithKline
  4. Strategies for Vaccine Development Kuby
  5. Antibiotics Attack Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  6. Heterotrophic Plate Count---Method of monitoring water quality
  7. Antimicrobial AgentsBacteriology at UW-Madison
  8. Welcome to the Future of Immunology University of Arizona
  9. How the body fights the invaders Discovery Channel
  10. How Penicillin Kills Bacteria Cells Alive!
  11. The Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections FDA
  12. When the antibiotics quit working Why Files
Host-Parasite Relationships
  1. Normal Flora and their Location Mark Pallen
  2. Water borne Parasites Cells Alive!
  3. Malaria: a sophisticated collaboration between a mosquito and a parasite. Why Files
  4. National Geographic -Parasites
  5. Cool animation of E. coli pathogenesis HHMI
  6. Cool animation of Salmonella pathogenesis HHMI
  7. The Food Safety Home Page
Host Resistance
  1. Non Specific Resistance
  2. Cancer and the Immnue Response Cancer Research Institute
  3. Specific Resistance
  4. Introducing the Bloody Characters of Specific Immunity RM Chute
  5. Immune System Animations Michigan State University
  6. Immune System Davidson College
  7. Immunology Animations Kuby Immunology
  8. Immune System Animations (advanced) Blink Studio
  9. Immune System Chapter Gary E. Kaiser at Community College of Baltimore County
  10. Antigen Processing by the proteasome Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
  11. Histocompatibility Molecules Kimball's Biology Pages
  12. Antigen Presentation Kimball's Biology Pages
  13. Lymphocytes Produce Antibody - Animation Cells Alive!
  14. B Cells and T Cells Kimball's Biology Pages
  15. Cell-Mediated Immunity Kimball's Biology Pages
  16. Antigen Receptor Diversity Kimball's Biology Pages
Immunological Disorders
  1. HIV Lifecycle Flash Animation by GalaxyGoo
  2. See HIV in Action by PBS from PBS
  3. HIV life cycle and Drug Interaction by Roche
  4. AIDS Lifecycle Museum of Science and Industry
  5. Animation of HIV life cycleCalifornia State College Fullerton
  6. HIV Testing. Museum of Science and Industry
  7. Understanding Autoimmune Diseases NIAID at National Institutes of Health
  8. Examples of Autoimmune Diseases Kuby Immunology 4e
  9. Allergies Kimball's Biology Pages
  10. Beware of Dust Bunnies! Cells Alive!
  11. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 1996 "the specificity of the cell mediated immune defense".
Pathogenic Microorganisms
  1. Common InfectionsCommunity Outreach Health Information System
  2. Food Net -Diseaes and Pathogens Under Surveillance CDC
  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Facts & Information CDC
  4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Services Royal Adelaide Hospital
  5. The Streptococcus The Rockefeller University, New York
  6. Bacteria That Cause Ulcers - Helicobacter pylori Cells Alive!
  7. Lyme Disease Bacteriology at UW-Madison
  8. Parasitic Protozoa , Parasitic Helminths Gary E. Kaiser at Community College Baltimore County
  9. Bugs on the Web Microbiology & Public Health - Canada
  10. The "Bad Bug Book" U.S. Food & Drug Administration
  11. Treating HIV Why Files
  12. Epidemic-On the Trail of Killer Diseases Discovery.com
Lab Sites
  1. Microbiology Laboratory Reviews by Brenda Wellmeyer
  2. Lab Methods - Biochemical Tests, Media, Techniques UT - Houston Medical School
  3. Viruses and Bacteria Lab Work University of Leicester
  4. Online Lab Manual in Microbiology Gary E. Kaiser at Community College Baltimore County
  5. Yeast Plate Count Lab - Making a Serial Dilution J. Stein Carter
  6. Laboratory Methods and Results University of Maryland
Science News Sites
  1. YourHealthDaily
  2. Bugs in the News
  3. Science & Technology News
  4. Science Daily - Today's Headlines
  5. Science News (Well written and illustrated)
General Biology and Microbiology Sites
  1. Microbeworld.org
  2. Atlas of Medical Parasitology Carlo Denegri Foundation
  3. An Excellent Internet Text on Microbiology (lots of illustrations) Dr. R. E. Hurlbert
  4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  5. NIAID- National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  6. A Bacteriological Source on many topics by Timothy Paustian at University of Wisconsin
  7. Forensic Entomology Home Page Morten Stærkeby, Dept. of Biology, Oslo, Norway
  8. Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology Communication Technology Lab, Michigan State University
  9. Dedicated Pathology Site by Edward C. Klatt MD - Florida State University
  10. The Curious Microbe - Essays of the Extreme and the UnusualCommunication Technology Lab, Michigan State University
  11. Epidemiology, the Internet and Global Health University of Pittsburgh
  12. Excellent Source of Information on Cellular Biology Kimball's Biology Pages
  13. Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response World Health Organization