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Welcome to the National Lone Star Report website. We are delighted you are interested in hearing what community college students from across the country are saying about technology and how it affects their academic success.

Did you know the average community college invests 8% of its revenue in technology? Although campus leaders and chief information officers must finance initiatives that build and maintain a solid technology infrastructure in order to sustain the learning environment, other technology-related expenditures require in-depth research and analysis to determine their impact on student success. For instance, do mediated classrooms enhance learning?  Will the integration of an iPad in the curriculum increase retention? Are students prepared to use the technology provided in a way that improves learning? The National Lone Star Report seeks answers to these and many other questions by asking students directly about their experiences with technology and how it shapes their learning and, ultimately, their academic success.  

The National Lone Star Report on Aligning Technology with Student Success is distinctively different from other reports because it provides a detailed, comprehensive look at the impact technology has on today’s community college student using data gathered directly from them.  Because the survey is used by community colleges across the nation, it captures a broad spectrum of issues and answers designed to inform decision-making.

Interested in hearing what your students are saying? Join the growing number of community colleges across the country participating in the survey and start using the information to inform your technology investment decisions.

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