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Kingwood College Announces Scholarship Awards

For many students, receiving a scholarship makes the difference between continuing their education or dropping out.  More than 50 deserving students were recently awarded scholarships through the Lone Star College-Kingwood Foundation Endowment.

"I don't think people realize how great the need is," says Janis Fowler, Director of Resource Development at Lone Star College-Kingwood.  "Even though we live in what appears to be a very affluent area, many of our students are single parents or those returning to school because they see the necessity of an education in order to support their families."

Scholarship winner and Lone Star College-Kingwood student ambassador, Julietta Palyan, says the scholarships she received helped with everything from books, to gas, to everyday living expenses.  "It made a big difference for my son in particular.  The scholarship gave me more time with him and the little extra to get him into the after school sports he loves."

"Information on scholarships is made available to students during registration and financial aid presentations, at high school parent nights and all around campus," said Carolyn Wade, director of financial aid at Lone Star College-Kingwood. 

The amount of the awards is given in accordance to donor specifications, major field of study, and credit hour enrollment.  Additionally, this year remaining funds from the 2005-2006 year were made available for awards.  Scholarship awards are contingent on students submitting a thank you letter for distribution to the donors.

"The scholarships help students pay for tuition fees, books and supplies.  In many cases, it supplements the high cost of gasoline for travel and offsets some of the cost for day care," commented Wade.

Palyan will graduate with her associate's degree this fall and then will attend St. Thomas to pursue a double major in political science and international studies, but says, "I love it here at Lone Star College-Kingwood.  I'm so grateful to the school, the teachers and my advisors."

There are many ways to make a contribution.  The college is always looking for ways to supplement program costs as well as add more scholarship opportunities.  Simply writing a check to Lone Star College-Kingwood is one way to help.  That money will be placed into the general scholarship fund.  Other ways to help out include giving donations of equipment and supplies. 

Setting up an Endowed Scholarship is the ideal way to donate.  "The endowed scholarship is our highest level, creating a legacy of giving," says Fowler.  "It literally sets up a scholarship that will be given out forever."

The Endowed Scholarship level is $15,000 and a donor has seven years to reach the $15,000 activation amount.  Fowler says if you think about it, that's only dollars a day for something that will last forever.  The donor may make any specifications they like in regards to who receives the scholarship, such as their field of study, their marital status, or their background.

Fowler adds, "The difference you can make is outstanding.  To place a check into the hands of a single mother that allows her to better her life and see the tears in her eyes is just wonderful."

There are many scholarship opportunities available to Lone Star College-Kingwood students.  "We have more awards this year than in the past.  The scholarship awards range from $500 to $1,000 per student," said Wade. 

For more information on available scholarships, visit kingwood.lonestar.edu and click the student support page. 

For information on making a donation or setting up an Endowed Scholarship, contact Janis Fowler at 281-312-1564.

The Lone Star College System is among the largest and fastest growing community college districts in Texas. It comprises Lone Star College-North Harris, Lone Star College-Kingwood, Lone Star College–Tomball, Lone Star College–Montgomery, Lone Star College–CyFair, six satellite centers and The University Center. For more information about Lone Star College System and its programs, visit www.lonestar.edu or call 832-813-6500.

The following is a complete list of scholarship winners:
Administaff Foundation Endowment: Leondra King $1,000
Anonymous Foundation Endowment Donor: Emmanuel Kavumbi $1,000
Brian Heisler Memorial Foundation Endowment: Candi Sopchak $1,000
Caldcleugh Memorial-Humble Rotary Endowment: Melissa Thomas $1,000
Entergy Foundation Endowment: Lauren Teasdale $1,000
Humble Police Association Endowment (HPA): James Coldiron $1,000; Eric England $1,000; Ashley Gobert $1,000; Shenandoah Lopez $1,000; Jeremy Moore $1,000; Amber Mosley $1,000; Lissette Ramirez $1,000; Stephanie Want $1,000
Leo Medley Memorial Foundation Endowment (HPA): Candace Rea $1,000
Humble Rotary Endowment: Casey Level $500; Belle McGinnis $500
Jack and Lynn Fields Foundation Endowment: Tralisa Hallmark $1,000
Kingwood College 20th Anniversary Endowment: Resana De La Rosa $1,000
Kingwood College Dental Hygiene Endowment: Tonia Ortiz $1,000
Kingwood College Employee & Community: Mitchell Taylor $1,000
Kingwood College President's Endowment: Manuela Rauch $1,000; Crystal Wehe $1,000; Barbara Wasil $1,000
Kingwood College Tennis Tournament: Juletta Palyan $1,007
Lone Star College System Golf Tournament Endowment: Yemi Afolayan $500; Mitchell Blien $500; Esperanza Blanco $500; Kelly Cheatwood $500; Brandi Cooper $500; Alma Coronel $500; Jack Eads$500; Betty Klander $500; Laura Knott $500; James Vo $500
Lone Star College System Foundation Gala Endowment: Yemi Afolayan $500;Mitchell Blien $ 500; Debra Cazares $500; Kelly Cheatwood $500; Brandi Cooper $500; Alma Coronel $500; Nseobong Etokebe $500; Vivian Eyobio $500; Betty Klander $500; Juletta Palyan $500
Lone Star College System Foundation Endowment: Ernesto Castrudes $1,000; Beverly Gomez$1,000; April Gore $1,000; Angelina Hand $500; Kristin Hoppes $1,000; Jos Jongejan $ 1,000; Rebecca Kelly $1,000; Kayla Parker  $500; Maricella Rodriquez $1,000; Sofia Villafuerte $1,000
Marge Shifferd Endowment Scholarship Fund: Esperanza Blanco $500
Pearl Fincher Foundation Endowment: Laura Middleton $1,000
Selma Lilly Foundation Endowment: Alicia Metzgar $1,000
THECB Vocational Nursing Scholarship: Jameika Harrison $1,000

Foundation Endowment Remaining Funds 2005 - 2006
Lone Star College System Foundation Endowment: Delfino Castelan $243.00; Diana Fly $1,000.00
Humble Police Association: Lissette Ramirez $81.00
Kingwood College Faculty & Staff Award: Angelina Hand $56.00
Kingwood College President's Endowment: Elizabeth Faddis $1,000
Leo Medley Memorial Foundation Endowment: Vivian Eyobio $42.00
THECB VOCN Nursing:  Nseobong Etokebe $200