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LSC-CyFair Student Shares Story of Confidence and Big Dreams Thanks to Taking Several Honors Classes

Brittany White - Honors ScholarWith a noticeable difference in her confidence as well as leadership, presentation and speaking skills, Lone Star College-CyFair student Brittany White will graduate as an Honors Scholar with Distinction this fall. 

White’s May graduation plans were delayed due to an unexpected surgery. Admittedly a little disappointed, she will take advantage of the extra semester at LSC-CyFair to make a difference on campus and in the community serving as a Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action officer as well as Vice President of The Humanitarian Connection Club, which focuses on volunteer work.

 “I do better when I can sit down and pick someone’s brain, look at something in-depth. That’s exactly what an honors class is – not more work, just more in-depth,” said White, about her two years of LSC-CyFair honors courses. “Before I took my first honors class, I don’t think I was aiming as high and I wasn’t allowing myself to dream really big.”

Seeking a career that combines interaction with people, problem solving and cultural diversity in the workplace, White plans to pursue dual degrees in cultural anthropology and international business at Cornell University. Motivated to set a higher standard for herself and the quality of her work, White wanted all her LSC-CyFair classes to be honors or she’d enter into an honors contract with the instructor, such as Associate Professor Britney Jeffrey for World Literature and Technical Communications.

“I’m proud of how far Brittany’s come in such a short period of time. She has put in a tremendous amount of time and energy to be successful,” said Jeffrey, who recently accompanied White to the Great Plains Honors Conference in Arkansas.  “She’s worked very hard, very diligently and put in a lot of extra hours for conference. Despite her fear of public speaking, she has such an eloquence and natural ease when she presents her work.”

In addition to learning the variety of research methods and approaches to attend the conference of other college students across the region, White said it was rewarding that during the Q&A part of her “Interpretation of Christianity During the Crusades” presentation a man was impressed that she had cited the same obscure source he used in his dissertation 27 years ago. White also said the conference was her first opportunity to leave the state and first time to ever fly.  

“My Honors College experience has opened doors for me academically and challenged me personally, too,” said White. “It’s definitely taught me leadership skills and has absolutely helped my presentation and speaking skills, which are important when you’re trying to become a professional and particularly in international business.”

Jeffrey said taking honors courses is an often missed opportunity for students for a variety of reason; but once they are in the class, she’s seen students become very passionate about education as they realize how transformational it can be.

“Honors College empowers students, helps them consider options not done before, builds their confidence and provides opportunities to meet new people, explore new ideas and to tailor their education with a faculty/mentor relationship,” said Jeffrey.  “Brittany has a dedication and willingness to be open to learning and to ask in-depth questions. She’s a critical thinker and demonstrates all those qualities we look for in an honors student.” 

White, who already speaks Arabic, Japanese and Thai, is continuing to aim high and dream big as she is considering a semester at sea next spring and plans to participate in a seven-week study abroad program in Thailand next summer.

To learn more about the benefits, scholarships available and admissions process of LSC-CyFair’s Honors College, go to LoneStar.edu/honors-cyfair or contact Esther Robinson, director, at Esther.M Robinson@LoneStar.edu.