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LSC-CyFair Library’s Resources, Hard Work on Research Projects Pay Off for Three Student Winners with Recognition, Grade and Cash

The Lone Star College-CyFair’s 2013-2014 Student Research Award winners Ibrahim Iqbal, Nancy Amin and Judith Moore, not only earned recognition and a grade for their research projects, but they also received $500, $300 and $100 respectively.

While he appreciates the extra money, Iqbal said recognition of his writing makes him proud and excited.

“It also encourages me to continue in my passion of writing and English,” said Iqbal, who plans to transfer in 2015 with plans to become either a programmer or psychiatric doctor, both of which are alluring careers to him. “Praise inspires me to better my writing style to be better than I am today or yesterday.”

His first-place paper, “The Sight We Lack,” was meant to be a metaphor for describing the harsh reality regarding how unnecessarily judgmental human beings can be, he said. A variety of tools on the library web site were useful for this research project including the “Citation Help” page which provides a PDF file describing MLA form citation and the databases web page which directed him to topic specific web sites.

Amin, who is working toward a bachelor’s degree with hopes to attend law school or a graduate program, agreed the database was most helpful. However, she said she found the librarians themselves very helpful, too, as they were always available to answer her questions

Her second-place paper, “Education as a Fundamental Human Right,” showed education was not a privilege but a right, specifically because it’s key to understanding all other human rights. Education raises women out of poverty (and more independent so they’re able to leave abusive marriages) and is important when it comes to women's health.

Amin said she worked on her research paper for about six weeks including four visits to the tutoring center for assistance.

“It’s really validating to know that someone liked the paper and that it turned out good,” she said. “And it really shows that if you put hard work in, there is no way the grade won't reflect it.”

Moore’s “Death Penalty vs. Insanity Plea” paper, which took third place, began just on the death penalty, but then as the online research through the library’s web site continued, she said it progressed into the loop holes that the insanity plea has on the death penalty and corporal punishment. 

“Receiving this award meant a lot to me in the fact that at the age of 47, I decided to go back to school for my degree,” said Moore. “At first, I did not feel confident that I would do well as I was a less than stellar high school student and was only an average student.”

Having completed her first semester with straight A's, Moore said she has a brand new confidence as she works through her basics with plans to apply to the sonography program. She’s also committed to earning the highest GPA she can to graduate with honors.

The Student Research Award recognizes annually the best student research projects that find, evaluate, select and communicate information from library resources effectively.  Faculty members nominate the student research projects and the volunteer organization, Friends of the Library at LSC-CyFair, generously fund the research award.

“Our mission is to promote interest in the library and support the library in its service to LSC-CyFair students and the community,” said Joan Everson, president of Friends of the Library at LSC-CyFair. “The annual research project award is a win-win as it both promotes the use of library resources and rewards students for their efforts.”

For information and deadlines on the Student Research Award, go to LoneStar.edu/library/award. For information on the library’s resources, databases and more, go to LoneStar.edu/library.

Student Research Award Winners