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All classes are cancelled beginning at 3:00 pm today. Normal schedule will resume on Saturday.  

LSC-Kingwood Invites Community to First History Conference

LSC-Kingwood Invites Community to First History ConferenceHistory teachers, professors and people interested in the subject are invited to Lone Star College-Kingwood’s first History Day Conference on June 19 from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Designed to be interactive and thought provoking, this conference is for community members interested in the examination of secession, the Civil War and Reconstruction. Participants will also receive resources needed for instruction.

“Attendees will gain historical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Civil War and Reconstruction. The sessions will specifically address the events that led to the break-up of the Union, Lincoln’s determination to win the war and the restoration of the Union, reconstruction and the Texas governorship of Edmund J.  Davis,” said Kellie Sullivan, director of Academic Success at LSC-Kingwood. “In addition, there will be discussions on the three ways Americans remember the Civil War.”

The conference format includes morning presentations by distinguished authors and afternoon break-out sessions discussing primary sources. Presentations will be given by Dr. Eric H. Walther, “Secession: What Role did ‘States’ Rights Play in the Onset of the Civil War”; Dr. Kenneth Winkle, “Lincoln’s Citadel: The Civil War in Washington, D.C.”; Dr. Carl T. Moneyhon, “A New Birth of Freedom? E.J. Davis and Radical Politics in Reconstruction Texas”; and Dr. John M. Barr, “Fame Dwells in Purpose as well as Achievement: Teaching the Memory of the American Civil War”. The event will be held in the Student-Conference Center.

“In addition to talking about this important topic and providing resources, our goal is to deepen relationships between the independent school district instructors and the college instructors,” said Kimberly Klepcyk, dean of Academic Partnerships and Initiatives.To attend the History Day Conference the fee is $35 per participant, which includes a meal and gift bag. To register, visit MyCommunityTickets.com at Secession, The Civil War and Reconstruction and the deadline is Friday, June 14. For more information, email Barr at John.M.Barr@LoneStar.edu.

Presentation Summaries:

  • Dr. Walther will discuss the major events leading to the break-up of the Union in 1860-61. In addition, he will offer an explanation of the why seven southern states decided to secede in 1860-61 and the role that slavery and “states’ rights” played in these events. Finally, Dr. Walther will discuss the decision of the Lincoln administration to oppose secession and the president’s reasons for doing so.
  • Dr. Winkle will talk about the strategic importance of Washington, D.C. during the war given its location between the slave states of Maryland and Virginia.  He will detail the efforts to militarily defend it as part of Lincoln’s determination to win the war and restore the Union.  Finally, Dr. Winkle will examine the status of slavery in D.C. during the war and how the emancipation of slaves there foreshadowed the efforts to establish full African-American citizenship in post-war era.
  • Dr. Moneyhon will focus upon one of the most controversial and misunderstood periods in Texas history—that of Reconstruction—by examining the governorship of Edmund J. Davis.  Davis was the state’s first Republican elected to that office, serving from 1869 to 1873.  For generations, Davis was regarded by many Texans as one of the worst governors in Texas history.  Dr. Moneyhon will examine the basis of that reputation and consider whether it is actually deserved.
  • Dr. Barr will discuss the major ways in which Americans have remembered the Civil War and Reconstruction. The three major versions of Civil War memory are the “Reconciliationist” memory, the “Lost Cause” memory, and the “Emancipationist” one. Each of these three will be examined and Dr. Barr will show how they have been manifested in American monuments, film, and the teaching of history in America’s schools.

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