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What Are these places?
We have a proven record—those who come in regularly for tutoring with us have passed their courses at much higher rates than students who never ask for or accept help. Because of our success record, we are called the SEA (Success Encourages Achievement) Center. Many of the tutors who work in these centers are also professors, experts in their fields.

If you want to be more successful in your college English, math, and biology courses, come visit us! We will help you with hands-on, personalized attention because we genuinely want to see you reach your academic goals.

SEA English, SEA Math, and the Biology Learning Center can be found in different rooms within the Office of Academic Success (ACAD Room 200). 

What happens here?
During operating hours, our tutors provide free guidance to students seeking the tools to build a successful college experience.  In addition to helping build academic skills, the tutors help students by making referrals to valuable, free college services such as financial aid, counseling, advising, disability services, and college organizations. 

Why would I come here?
You may recognize that you are struggling in a course and come in on your own, or your instructor may recommend our tutoring program to you because he or she sees warning signals that you are missing.  If this occurs, you will be called or e-mailed by the college’s Early Intervention Program.  This does not mean you are in trouble—but it is probably best that you come in and meet us, and then start regularly participating in our tutoring programs.  TIP: bring your textbook and your latest assignment in written form.

Who’s in charge?

Dorothy B. Dixon, Dean of Academic Success
Phone: 281.765.7933
E-Mail: Dorothy.B.Dixon@lonestar.edu

SEA English Center located in ACAD 201, 281-618-7190
SEA Math Center located in ACAD 204 B, 281-618-1132
Biology Learning Center located in ACAD 200 C, 281-618-1145