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Nursing Flowchart

    Pre-College Options

Dual Credit

Tech Prep

HS Articulation

AP, IB, and /or CLEP Exam Credit

Texas Health Program of Study

Alternative College Options

Other Health Science Certificates

Other Health Science Courses

LSCS Catalog

    College Nursing Options

CNA Certificate

Vocational Nursing ADN to LVN Cert.

LVN to RN Certificate

Transition to Prof. Nursing AAS

Nursing Block Curriculum AAS

Nursing Integrated Curriculum AAS

LSCS Catalog

University Options

Transition to Bachelor of Science in Nursing w/ formal University articulation agreement

Transition to Bachelor of Science in Nursing w/o formal University articulation agreement

    Advanced University

Admission to Master of Science in Nursing

Admission to Doctoral Program in Nursing

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