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Academic Building - ACAD-200

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Call 281.618.5445 for more information.

 Summer 2016 Schedule
Monday - Thursday
7:30 a.m.- 8:00  p.m.
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • Computer Access 
  • Internet Access 
  • Email Accounts 
  • Printing (10 cents per page) 
  • Lab Classrooms for Faculty and Staff 
  • Workshops

The Office of Academic Success offers the following services:

• Open Computer Lab

• Student Success Course

• Success Encourages Achievement (SEA) Centers

• Academic Advisors

• Biology Learning Center

• Peer Mentors

• Content Tutoring & Other Resources

• Student Success Workshops

• TSI College Placement Preps


Open Computer Lab

Location: ACAD 200   Phone: 281.618.5445
Contact: Shelbe Blacklock  281-765-7932 

Computers in the Open Computer Lab have Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Internet access, and a variety of subject-specific software.

Student Success Course

Location: ACAD 208-F
Contact: Crystal Allen   281.618.7113

EDUC 1300: Learning Framework - First Year Experience is a required student success course designed to help students to (1) identify and address barriers to their success, (2) create an academic plan, (3) set career and personal goals, (4) develop study strategies, and (5) link to advising and other college resources.

Success Encourages Achievement  (S.E.A.) Centers

Location: ACAD 201     (SEA English Center)
ACAD 204B   (SEA Math Center)
Contact: Dorothy B. Dixon  281.765.7933

The SEA (Success Encourages Achievement) Centers provide a system of support and tutoring for students in math, English, and biology. The mission of the SEA (Success Encourages Achievement) Centers is to support students who want to navigate math, English, and biology courses by finding success step by step.

At the SEA (Success Encourages Achievement) Centers, tutoring sessions provide free guidance to students seeking tools to build a successful college experience. In addition to building academic skills, tutors help students by making referrals to valuable, free college services such as financial aid, advising, disability services, and college organizations. It is helpful to bring your textbook and latest assignment in written form when visiting one of the SEA (Success Encourages Achievement) Centers. For specific tutoring hours, check at the Main Desk of the Learning Center or call 281.618.5445.

Biology Learning Center

Location: ACAD 200C
Contact: Tawana Burke  281.618.7134

The Biology Learning Center provides tutoring, study groups, and hands-on practice for lab practicals for Biology I and II, Anatomy & Physiology I and II, and Microbiology. Slides, microscopes, anatomical and cellular models, textbooks, and other resources are available.

Peer Mentors

Location: ACAD 200
Contact: Tawana Burke   281.618.7134

The Peer Mentors is comprised of 10-15 peer leaders who function in a dual role in the Office of Academic Success as mentors and tutors. The Peer Leaders mentor first-time-in-college (FTIC) students enrolled in the EDUC 1300 course. Peer Leaders address the tutoring needs of FTIC students visiting the Office of Academic Success, and assist in tutoring at the SEA (Success Encourages Achievement) Centers and in other content areas. The Peer Mentors also addresses campus awareness of student services and creates definable and measurable goals relating to first year students.

Content Tutoring & Other Resources

Location: ACAD 200
Contact: Ann Swint  281.618.1156 

Tutorial support and study materials are available for students enrolled in a variety of disciplines such as accounting, computer science, ASL, Spanish, French, geology, government, and history. New areas can be added if there is a demand. Check at the Main Desk of the Learning Center for tutor schedules.

Student Success Workshops

Location: ACAD 200   Phone: 281.618.5445
Contact: Shelbe Blacklock  281.765.7932 

The Office of Academic Success provides a series of workshops to help you maximize your academic experience. Free workshops are designed to be interactive and informal seminars that cover strategies and techniques for success. Topics include goal setting, time management, resume development, and Microsoft Office.

TSI College Placement Preps

Location: ACAD 200
Contact: Shelbe Blacklock  281.765.7932 

TSI College placement preps are three-hour review sessions in math and English. Each session begins with an interactive warm-up quiz that helps you determine at which level you need to begin practicing. Next, you will have the opportunity to practice the skills that are most important for you using several hand-picked websites and an iPad app. All of the necessary technology will be provided for your use during the two-hour session.