Our Endowments

The Lone Star College Foundation is grateful for the many individuals, families, estates, businesses, corporations and foundations that have established endowments. Each endowment listed below provides annual scholarships in perpetuity to students throughout the Lone Star College System.foundation logo

Administaff Endowment
Alvis Endowment
Amegy Bank of Texas Endowment
American Business Women's Association Greenspoint Chapter Endowment  
Andrew Wade Heron Memorial Endowment  
Ann Friend Endowment  
Ann Glazier McStravick Nursing Endowment
Anonymous Endowment  
Barbara Benzel Memorial Endowment  
Bertram Family in Memory of Florence T. Bertram Endowment 
Beryl A. MacLean Endowment  
Beta Delta Iota Endowment
Bill and Connie Yancey Endowment 
Bill Lawler Memorial Endowment 
Bill Stafford Memorial Endowment  
Bob and Darcy Mingoia Endowment 
Brandon Michael Schiltz Memorial Endowment 
Brian Heisler Endowment 
Brian Ray Olson Memorial  
Caldwell Companies Endowment
Caldwell Companies in Honor of Dr. Carpenter Endowment  
Candace Grace Howard Memorial Endowment
Canteen Vending Endowment
Canyon Gate Endowment
Carl and Colene Joiner Endowment 
Carl's BBQ Endowment 
Carol Bary Memorial Endowment 
Charlotte and David G. Lampe Endowment
Christal M. Albrecht Endowment
Clarence Kruger Memorial Endowment  
CLR Endowment  
Computer Science and Computer Information Endowment
Conroe New Car and Truck Dealers Endowment  
Conroe Regional Medical Center and Auxiliary Endowment  
Cook/Covington Memorial Endowment  
Copperfield Church Endowment 
Copperfield Women's Club Endowment 
Corrpro Corrosion Protection Scholarship Endowment
Cy-Fair Express Network of American Business Women's Association Endowment  
Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union Endowment  
Cy-Fair Houston Chamber of Commerce Endowment 
Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Endowment  
Cypress Fairbanks Rotary Club Endowment  
Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum Scholarship Endowment  
Darcy and Robert Mingoia Endowment
Dave and Jacque Feldman Endowment  
David and Pamela Dickson Endowment  
Diane K. Blanco Endowment  
Donna McVeigh Memorial Endowment  
Dr. Bill Law Jr. Endowment  
Dr. Bob Williams Endowment  
Dr. Cher Brock Endowment  
Dr. Diane K. Troyer Endowment  
Dr. Graciella G. Blanco Endowment  
Dr. Joe A. Airola Endowment
Dr. Joe McMillian Endowment 
Dr. John E. Pickelman Endowment  
Dr. Linda Stegall Excellence in Education Scholarship Endowment  
Dr. Nockie Zizelmann Endowment 
Dr. Sanford Shugart Endowment
DUROTECH Endowment 
Earl Campa Endowment
Easton Commons Commercial Association, Inc. Endowment 
Elizabeth “Beth” Boyd Memorial Nursing Endowment  
Elmer L. and Dorothy M. Beckendorf Endowment
Empower U Endowment 
Entergy Endowment 
ESL Student Scholarship Endowment  
Estelle R. Cameron Memorial Endowment
Evelyn F. and Eugene F. Whitehorne Endowment  
Exchange Club of FM 1960 Endowment
Faculty and Staff Development Endowment 
Fiesta Mart, Inc. Endowment
First Community Credit Union Endowment  
Fox and Bubela, Inc Endowment
Fred Dornak Scholarship Endowment  
Fred Fincher Sr. Memorial Endowment 
Fred Dornak Scholarship Endowment 
Friends of LSC-Kingwood Endowment  
Future Pipe Industries, Inc. Endowment
Gensler Endowment  
George W. Butler Memorial Endowment 
Gilbane Building Company Endowment
Glenn Family Endowment 
Greater Texas Foundation Student Success Scholarship Endowment 
Gwen Hruska Endowment 
Hayden Taylor PTA Endowment
Hauke Endowment
Henry and Billie Brooks Endowment
Honora and Porfirio Diaz Endowment 
Houston Golf Association Endowment  
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Endowment  
Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce Foundation Thomas Hetherington Scholarship Endowment
Houston Northwest Medical Center Endowment 
Hulon and Marion Madeley Endowment  
Humble Police Association - Petrochem Field Services Endowment
Humble Police Association Endowment
Humble Police Association-Callaway's Collision Endowment  
Humble Police Association-Carley Summer McNutt Endowment 
Humble Police Association-D&D Collision Endowment 
Humble Police Association-David Niccum Endowment 
Humble Police Association-Gary and Daniel Lee Endowment 
Humble Police Association-Leo Medley Memorial Endowment  
Humble Police Association-Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gill Endowment 
Humble Police Assoication-Petrochem Field Services Endowment
In Honor of Nancy F. Caldwell Endowment
In Honor of Randy Bates and Tom Forestier Endowment
InvestTex Endowment 
J. Anthony Walter, M.D. Endowment  
Jack and Lynn Fields Endowment
Jack Sargent Wong Mmorial Endowment
Jacque D. Holman Endowment 
James Buchinger, Lindsey Lamkin and G. T. Thompson Memorial Endowment 
James R. D. Lewis Jr. Endowment 
Jean Whileyman Endowment 
Jerry Albrecht Endowment  
Jim and Nelda Blair Endowment
Joe B. Anders Jr. Memorial Endowment
John A. and Annice B. Nanninga Endowment
John Haskins Endowment  
John J. Collins Technology Endowment
John P. Hughes Memorial Endowment
John R. Zizelmann Memorial Endowment 
John Wiesner Endowment
Joiner Architects Endowment
Joiner Partnerships, Inc. Endowment 
Judy Taylor Endowment 
Junior League North Harris South Montgomery County Endowment 
Karen and Waylan West Endowment 
Ken and Melba Graham Nursing Endowment in Honor of Kathleen Graham Semmler
Kenny and Mattie McCowen Endowment
Kingwood Area Emergency Medical Services Association Endowment 
Kingwood College 20th Anniversary Endowment  
Kingwood College Golf Tournament Endowment 
Kingwood Medical Center Auxiliary Endowment  
Klein Bank and Trust Endowment 
Land Surveying and Mapping Technology Endowment  
Linda and Donnie Humphries Family Endowment 
LSC-CyFair Biology Faculty Endowment  
LSC-CyFair Faculty Senate Endowment for Robert McGehee Endowment
LSC-CyFair Faculty Senate Endowment  
LSC-CyFair Friends of the Library Endowment
LSC-CyFair President's Endowment
LSC-CyFair Professional and Support Staff Association Endowment
LSC-CyFair Science Olympiad Endowment
LSC-Kingwood Continuing Education Administration Endowment 
LSC-Kingwood Dental Hygiene Endowment  
LSC-Kingwood Employee and Community Endowment  
LSC-Kingwood President’s Endowment
LSC-Montgomery Biology Faculty Endowment
LSC-Montgomery Healthier U Endowment  
LSC-Montgomery President’s Endowment
LSC-North Harris President’s Endowment
LSC-Tomball Mathematics Excellence Endowment 
LSC-Tomball Mathematics Faculty Endowment 
LSC-Tomball President’s Endowment
LSC-University Park Faculty Endowment
LSC-University Park OTS Family and Friends Scholarship Endowment
LSC-University Park President's Endowment

Major John and Niki Myers Fund Endowment  
Marjorie H. Shifferd Endowment  
Mark and Christine Scully Endowment
Mary Wilkinson Roach Scholarship Endowment
Mary Anne Grasso Foundation Endowment  
Mathematics Department at LSC-Tomball Endowment 
Melissa Trotter Memorial Endowment  
Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital Endowment  
Methodist Willowbrook Hospital Endowment
Mike R. Willis Memorial Endowment  
Mingoia Family Endowment 
Montgomery & Associates Endowment 
Montgomery College 10th Anniversary Legacy Endowment  
NCI Building Systems Endowment  
NewQuest Properties Endowment 
Nitin Bezbaruah Sarangapani Endowment
Noble Energy, Inc. Endowment 
North Harris County Branch of American Association of University Women Endowment  
Nursing Program Endowment
Office of Workforce Development Endowment
OTS Family and Friends Endowment
OTS Women in Technology Endowment
Patricia Harless Endowment  
PBK Architects, Inc. Endowment 
Pearl Fincher Endowment 
Pepsi Cola Endowment
Performing Fine Arts Scholarship Endowment
Precision Task Group Endowment 
Qwock Lem and Kim Yoke Lau Endowment 
R.M. Machell Family Endowment 
Representative Kevin Bailey Scholarship Endowment  
Research Forest Science and Engineering Library Endowment
Rhonda Harwell Nursing Endowment  
Robert H. and Dorothy A. McCallister Nursing Scholarship Endowment  
Robert J. Adam Family Endowment  
Rosemary A. Freda Endowment 
Rosemary M. and Ambrose J. Eisterhold Endowment 
Rotary Club of Conroe Endowment 
Rotary Club of Humble Intercontinental - In Recognition of Dr. and Mrs. Gene Caldcleugh Endowment 
Rotary Club of Humble Intercontinental Endowment 
Rotary Club of The Woodlands Endowment
Ruth W. Whileyman Memorial Endowment  
Ryan Paul Whitaker Memorial Nursing Endowment
Schulte Building Systems Endowment  
Selma Lilley Memorial Endowment 
Seth and Dianne Sharr Endowment
Shirley Acres Endowment
SHW Group LLC Endowment  
Society of Petroleum Engineers/Gulf Coast Section Endowment
South Montgomery County Lions Club Endowment
Splitrock Endowment 
St. Aidan's Church Endowment 
Stan and Suzanne St. Pierre Endowment 
Sterling Bank Endowment
Stone Gate Endowment
Strike, LLC Endowment 
Susan and Jeff Edwards Endowment
Susan J. Caldwell Endowment for the Arts
TechKnowledge Consulting Endowment
Texas Pioneer Endowment
Texas Process Equipment Endowment 
The Dr. Richard G. Carpenter Endowment
The Elmer Lee Beckendorf Memorial Nursing Endowment
The Feldman Family Endowment
The Feldman Family Endowment in Memory of Fred Feldman Endowment
The Feldman Family in Memory of Krysta Rodriguez Endowment
The Foreman Family Endowment
The H.E.B Scholarships for LSC-Victory Center Endowment
The John Anthony Farinacci Memorial Scholarship Endowment
The Kathryn Ann McCallister Memorial Nursing Scholarship Endowment
The Kelsey Vogel “Shining Star” Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
The Marion D. Hanson Nursing Scholarship Endowment
The Paul and Debbie Blackshear Family Endowment 
The Robert E. and Marion D. Hanson Veterinary Technology Scholarship Endowment
The Short Cource Endowed Scholarship of Land Surveying Endowment
The Student Success Scholarship Endowment
The Taylor Rodriguez Collins Path to Success Scholarship Endowment
The Thomas R. and Kathryn C. Polk Scholarship Endowment  
The Woodlands Development Company Endowment  
The Woodlands Living Arts Council Endowment  
The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel Endowment  
Thelma Jones Endowment 
Tiffani Stanley Memorial Endowment
Tom Hobbs Geology Endowment 
Tom Stallings Memorial Endowment
Tomball Regional Arts Council Endowment
Tomball Regional Medical Center Endowment  
Tomball Rotary Club Endowment
Toni Lawrence Endowment  
Wells Fargo Endowment
Wilda June Glover Endowment 
William A. Brookshire Foundation Endowment 
William D. Law Sr. Memorial Endowment
William Patrick Sellers Memorial Endowment 
William J. and Olive H. Upton Endowment
Womens Business Forum Endowment 
Woodforest National Bank Endowment

Legacy Circle

These generous individuals, families, estates, and foundations have committed to providing financial support to the students and programs of the Lone Star College System as part of their  estate and financial planning.

Dr. Cher Brock
Thomas E. and Patricia L. Chandler
Sarah Dudney
Wendy Evans
Otice and Mary Parker
Kathleen White Prather
Patricia Kay Rogers
Paula H. Whitaker and Ryan Whitaker Memorial Foundation