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Summer 2016

Cintia Rico

Spring 2016

Art Faculty Exhibit

Steffani Frideres, "Dual Nature"

Student Exhibit

Summer 2015

Cy-Springs High School Student Exhibit

Chuck Drumm, "Chalkboard"

Leticia Frankio, "Real Whimfansical"

Fall 2015

CFISD Art Educators, "Expanding"

Student Art Exhibit

Spring 2015

Al Nash, "American Icons"

Margeret Smithers-Crump, "Life Lines"

Student Art Exhibition

Summer 2014

Nicholas Papas, "Drogo's View"

Brett Hall, "A New Look"

Fall 2014

Art Faculty Exhibition

Stacy Gresell's "Mostly Mixed Messages"

Spring 2014

Angel Oloshove

"Creations and Collections"


Student Art Exhibition

Summer 2013

Cathie Kayser, "A Thread Runs Through"

Marguerite Baldwin, "The Origin of the Series:  An Evolutionary Tale"

Fall 2013

Faculty Art Exhibition

Student Art Exhibition

Spring 2013

"Can Tastic: A Can Sculpture for Hunger Exhibition"

"Cone 6: Sustainable Ceramic Practices at Lone Star College-CyFair"

Student Art Exhibition

Summer 2012

Suzanne Shield-Polk's "POSTCARDS:  Then and Now"

Peggy Sexton's "Boogle Houses"

Fall 2012

Art Faculty Exhibition

Suzanne Mann, "Out of the Woods"

Spring 2012

Janet Hassinger's "Lost Seas"

Fotofest:  Frank Codispoti

Student Art Show

Fall 2011

Eggert and Rice:  when the lights go out

Fall Faculty Show

Student Art Exhibition

Summer 2011

New Forms in Printmaking:  Anna Mavromatis and Clarke Curtis

HOT! HOT! HOT!  Encaustic Exhibit

Spring 2011

Wendy Wagner, "Lookie"

Susan Spjut, "Hidden Epidemic"

Summer 2010

Wabi Sabi

We Are

Fall 2010

Abdiel Urcullo, "We Are"

Chuck Schwarz Art Exhibition

Faculty Art Exhibition

Patrick Palmer's, "Head Count"

Fall 2010 Student Art Show

Spring 2010

FotoFest 2010

Student Art Exhibit

Women's Month Exhibition

Fall 2008

Fall Invitational

In Situ

Student Art Show

Spring 2008

University of Houston MFA Exhibition


Student Art Exhibition

Inside Voices Visiting Artist Exhibition

Faculty Exhibition Fall 2007

Bead Exhibition 2007

One of Me: Summer 2007 Self-Portrait Exhibition

Spring 2007 Student Exhibition

Encaustic Exhibition 2007

Visiting Artist Exhibition & Lecture 2007

Spring 2006

African American History Exhibit


CFC Student Art Exhibit

Summer 2005

Clay Invitational Art Exhibit

Fall 2005

Faculty Art Exhibition

Encaustic Exhibit

Student Art Exhibit

Spring 2005

Juried National Exhibition

Cy-Fair ISD High School Student Exhibit

Spring 2005 Student Exhibit

Summer 2004

Emily Rensink - Ceramic Artist

Fall 2004

Regional Invitational

Annual Faculty Exhibition

Student Exhibition