As a peer tutor, you are asked and expected to abide by a code of behavior that is suitable for the increased level of responsibility associated with the position of tutor.

This code of behavior is the same as what is expected of a professional, degreed tutor.

By accepting the role of peer tutor, you are also accepting the responsibility of abiding by the following pledge.

As a peer tutor at NHC, I pledge to do the following:

    * Understand and accept the NHC Tutoring Program’s mission, objectives, and tutor responsibilities.

    * Take appropriate steps to stay proficient and knowledgeable in my subject area and in the field of tutoring.

    * Make sure students receive my full attention.

    * Respect the privacy of students by keeping all information discussed during the tutor session confidential.

    * Maintain a professional tutor-client relationship during all tutor sessions, keeping in mind that as a peer tutor, I am acting in the role as mentor and teacher, not fellow student.

    * Communicate with students at a language level which is meaningful to us both.

    * Respect each student’s uniqueness and personal dignity by accepting him/her without judgment.

    * Be open, honest, and encouraging to students.

    * Strive to teach students to succeed without me.

    * Count on the student to also be my tutor and to teach me ways to do a better job.

    * Be an example to students on punctuality and reliability in keeping appointments.

    * Maintain records and progress data as expected.

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