Additional Polysomnography Program Requirements

The goal of the Polysomnography Program is: “To prepare competent entry-level polysomnographic technologists in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains” - Source:

The course of study for a Polysomnography Technologist  is a 60 credit hour (5 semesters) Associate of Applied Science Degree.  A 39 credit hour (4 semesters) post-graduate certificate is available for students having a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in a health care field. Students may choose to exit the Associates Degree at 53 hours to receive a level two Certificate. Both the program and the Committee on Accreditation of Polysomnography recommends the attainment of an Associate’s degree. The program prepares students for the credentialing examination from the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) upon graduation.

Polysomnography is a specialized diagnostic area in which patients are studied through electroencephalogram monitoring, oxygen saturation, electrooculography, electromyography, flow measurements, respiratory inductance and electrocardiogram monitoring. The field has evolved from hospital based locations to multi-center locations and is evolving into the home polysomnography study arena. Initially studies revolved around the obese elderly patient but has grown into geriatric, middle-age, teenage, pediatric and neonatal populations. The studies are recorded and scored by Polysomnographic Practitioners and Physicians. Polysomnographic Technologists are instrumental in the diagnosis, therapeutics, and monitoring of the polysomnographic patient. The field requires the ability to utilize technology, critical thinking in the administration of positive pressure and evaluation and analysis of multi-channel diagnostic parameters. The field is quickly growing due to the growth in patient base.The general education core will transfer to a variety of colleges and universities.

Lone Star College offers three awards in Polysomnography:

Humanities Course Credit for AAS Degree programs: New Humanities/Fine Arts Requirement starting Fall 2015

Effective Fall, 2015 all students applying to an AAS health occupation program must complete an approved Humanities/Fine Arts course from the new core as listed in the 2014-2015 catalog. See approved 2014-2015 humanities course requirement list.

Students applying to an AAS health occupation program before Fall, 2015 may fulfill the Humanities/Fine Arts requirement from either the 2013-2014 and the 2014-2015 catalogs. See approved 2013-2014 humanities course requirement list.

Some AAS health occupation programs have a designated Humanities/Fine Arts course for their admission requirement. Please check the program requirements on their websites.

General Guidelines

Upon acceptance into the program, students must submit a record of current immunizations required by the Texas Department of Health. Criminal background checks may be required by clinical facilities. The background check will be processed through the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

Completion of the polysomnography program does not guarantee eligibility to take the RPSGT exam administered by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT).  The BRPT will consider individuals with histories of conviction; mental illness and/or chemical dependency on an individual basis after submitted applications are reviewed and determine if the applicant meets required qualifications.

Admissions Criteria

The polysomnography program is planning to begin the program with the first cohort in the Fall of 2014. Prerequisite courses must be completed one semester prior to the semester in which the student wishes to begin the program. In addition to the system admissions requirements, the following are requirements for the polysomnography program:

Program Application Instructions

  1. Minimum age of 18.
  2. Graduation from high school verified with high school transcript or GED certificate verified by a copy of the certificate.
  3. Complete TSI requirements: complete ENGL 0305 AND 0307 OR ENGL 0309 AND MATH 0310 with eligibility to enter ENGL 1301 and college-level MATH. To determine your status, see a college advisor.
  4. College placement exam results.
  5. Complete fourteen (14) semester hours of college level course work including: ENGL 1301, BIOL 2401 and 2402, and PSYC 2301 with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
  6. Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended other than LSCS. Submit these documents directly to the polysomnography department at LSC-Kingwood.
  7. Complete Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT).
  8. Complete and submit an application to the polysomnography program.
  9. Submit an advising profile directly to the polysomnography department at LSC-Kingwood.
  10. Application and all required documents must be submitted before the specified application deadlines.  College eligibility information may be obtained from the counseling office 281.312.1604.


Student Selection

  1. Admission is limited to fifteen (15) students.
  2. Students are ranked and selected by the admissions committee using the following criteria:
    1. Scoring of all academic courses applying to the degree plan using a numeric scale
    2. Completion of previous degrees
    3. HSRT score
    4. Points are deducted for retakes of academic courses.



  1. A physical examination report with laboratory tests and immunization records signed by a licensed healthcare provider within six weeks of the first class day is required. This form will be provided upon acceptance into the program.
  2. Hepatitis B vaccination is required for all admissions to the polysomnography program. The enrolling student must complete the series of three vaccinations prior to entering the clinical practicum in the hospital/outpatient setting.
  3. All students must complete background checks prior to entering the polysomnography program. Drug testing will also be completed prior to entering clinical affiliates which require mandatory drug testing. Contact the department for information at 281.312.1708.
  4. Attendance at a mandatory orientation session, after student selection is complete, will be scheduled prior to the first class meeting.
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