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Professional Development

Professional Development strives to provide employee training for excellence in current positions and development opportunities for professional and personal growth.  Lone Star College System provides a variety of professional development offerings to its faculty and staff.

Professional Development provides a host of resources, including: information on upcoming workshops, a catalog of available workshops, quick reference guides, as well as access to get involved and share your expertise,  The goal is to provide exceptional professional development opportunities for success in your job and your career-related goals with Lone Star College System. Its offers programs such as The Academy and the Adjunct Certification Program.

The Academy

Committed to growing, supporting and celebrating Lone Star College System's current and emerging leaders, The Academy prepares individuals for future service to the college system, its students, and the communities. The Academy provides:

  • a relevant and engaging curriculum
  • strategic mentoring and coaching
  • meaningful opportunities for self discovery, reflection and application; and
  • enriching networking experiences aimed at developing the talent found within the Lone Star College System.
The Adjunct Certification Program

The Adjunct Certification Program which provides professional development opportunities to adjunct faculty members.  It's designed to provide adjunct faculty members with the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance their classroom instruction. 

The purpose of the Adjunct Certification Program is to recognize and reward adjunct faculty members who make a commitment to the System and to improve their teaching skills by providing opportunities for adjunct faculty members to develop and enhance their teaching effectiveness. The goals of the Adjunct Certification Program are:

  • To provide support and encouragement for adjunct faculty members.
  • To provide an atmosphere of free expression and mutual respect.
  • To build on what adjunct faculty members know, understand, and are able to do.
  • To encourage the practice and adaptation of new teaching and learning techniques and ideas.