This course is currently in development with an anticipated start date of Fall 2014.

The college-level course in the Quantitative Literacy pathway serves students focused on developing quantitative literacy skills that will be meaningful for their professional, civic, and personal lives.

Quantitative Reasoning is a semester-long, transferable, credit-bearing general education mathematics course with content meaningful to students’ professional, civic, and personal lives.

It is designed for students with non-STEM majors pursuing degrees in fields that require a general education or liberal arts math course.

Quantitative Reasoning constitutes students’ first college-level quantitative literacy course, after which they can then proceed to other college-credit math courses, depending on their academic trajectory.

Quantitative Reasoning develops student skills in interpreting, understanding, and using quantitative information. It teaches algebraic reasoning and modeling skills through a quantitative literacy lens and emphasizes critical thinking and statistical reasoning. It also develops skills in reading and writing quantitative information.