Requesting Services

Disability Services Intake Form (pdf)

All students with disabilities are encouraged to register with Disability Services on the campus the student will be attending.  The process begins by meeting with the Disability Counselor for an intake appointment. Documentation of a disability must be submitted to the office in support of the accommodations and services that are being requested.  Documentation needs vary by the type of disability and severity of the impact on the student's current functioning in the educational setting.

During the appointment, students can expect to discuss their disability and how it impacts them in an educational setting, the types of accommodations and modifications that have been used in previous educational settings, appropriate accommodations for their current courses, confidentiality, self-advocacy, and campus resources available to assist students

Appropriate accommodations are individually-determined and based on the student's disability-related academic need.  Once appropriate accommodations are determined, an Accommodation Form will be prepared for the student.  The student will need to provide a copy of the Accommodation Form to each instructor at the beginning of each semester.  Students are encouraged to make appointment with each instructor to deliver the forms and discuss any accommodations that will be necessary in each course.

These documents will help you determine what you need to do before coming to meet with your counselor as well as will help you know what kind of documentation is accepted to verify your disability.  Also having the forms filled out beforehand will help your appointment go faster and will enable your counselor to be able to more accurately help you with appropriate accommodations.