Employee International Travel


  1. Submit Form ORM-T-2013-01:  Approval of College Sponsored Student Travel (Employee Only, if applicable).
  2. Travel Authorization- Complete and submit a LSCS Travel Authorization prior to any LSCS travel and expenditures. Please refer to the LSCS Administration and Finance Manual for information regarding travel expenses and processes.
  3. Vehicle Rental: Submit form ORM-T-2013-09 to request approval (please allow 10 business days for processing). Please note you must be an approved LSCS driver to rent a vehicle.
  4. International Travel:  LSCS Employee Health Insurance Confirmation: If you are enrolled in the LSCS United Healthcare Health Select of Texas insurance plan contact United Health care, prior to your departure, to confirm your health insurance coverage during your travels outside the United States. See out of area benefits.
  5. Smart Travel Enrollment Program (STEP) - Register your travel with the local United States Embassy. The Embassy will be better prepared to contact you in case of a family emergency, natural disaster or civil unrest.

If travel is approved, all LSCS employees must complete and submit the following forms:

  1. ORM-T-2013-02: Trip Plan
  2. ORM-T-2013-03: Trip Roster (must be completed for travel insurance)

Retention of Documents: If traveling on behalf of LSCS you must register your trip with the Office of Risk Management as follows:

Step 1:    Scan ORM-T-2013-01, ORM-T-2013-02, ORM-T-2013-03 as one file and save the file using the following format:

YYYYMMDD-CC-Group-Country-Employee Last Name, First Initial
YYYYMMDD: Departure date of trip
CC: campus (i.e., NH, KC, TB, MC, CF)
Group: Study Abroad (SA); Faculty International Explorations (FIE); Jakarta Campus (JC); International Travel (IT)
Country: Destination country you are traveling to
Last Name, First Initial

Step 2:    Send the scanned file to the Office of Risk Management at RiskManagement@LoneStar.edu
Step 3:    You may include student form OGC-S-2009-16 (Student Participant Agreement) with your scanned documents.

Miscellaneous Forms

Recommended tips and resources for safe travel:

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