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RSO Forms & Resources

Starting A Registered Student Organization

Everything you need to know about starting a new Registered Student Organization is in the below handout. Have a look and let us know if you have any questions.

New RSO Registration Period

Fall August 15-October 15
Spring January 15-March 15

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Existing RSO Information/Re-registration

Existing RSOs are required to reregister annually. All forms needed for this are available online and linked below.

Re-registration Deadline

Fall October 15
Spring March 15

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RSO Handbook

The RSO Handbook is a quick reference tool for students and advisors. Use it find forms, contacts, and procedures for carrying out your responsibilities.

The current handbook is up to date as of July 2019. 

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RSO Registration Requirements

The RSO Open Registration Period is currently closed for Fall 2019. These must be submitted during this period.

  • Registration Form - To register a club with the Office of Student Life. Note: Information will appear on the club website in the manner in which it is written on the form.
  • Officers/Representatives Registration Form - Each time students are elected to office, this form must be turned in.
  • Risk Management Training  All RSO members and advisors are required to complete Risk Management Training annually.
  • Advisor Agreement Form - All RSO Advisors are required to submit this annually.
  • Member Roster Template - (Excel) Complete and return to The Office of Student Life each semester.

Student Travel Forms

  • Travel Request Form - Must be submitted and approved prior to any Non-Academic Travel paperwork can be approved.
  • Student Travel Information Flyer
  • Non-Academic Travel Guide - (PDF) Outlines non-academic travel procedures.
  • Required Forms - An up-to-date version of the required Risk Management forms can be found here. Submit these to the Office of Student Life at least 4 weeks before travel.

Additional Funding Forms

Other Forms

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Risk Management Training

All RSO members and advisors are required to complete Risk Management Training annually. Access the link below to watch the training video. The Office of Student Life will receive a notification after each person completes the training. If you are not sure if you have completed it, please contact our office at Kingwood.StudentLife@LoneStar.edu.

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All students involved with a Registered Student Organization must abide by the Student Code of Conduct. Additional policies relevant to student organizations are listed below.

Posting Guidelines

  1. Postings that do not comply with all listed guidelines will be removed from the bulletin board.
  2. All postings must be approved by the appropriate LSC-Kingwood department, unless the posting was created by Designs-In-Print. See chart below.
  3. Postings are only allowed in the designated area. Do not post on windows, walls, or doors.
  4. Use thumb tacks only. Do not use staples.

General Boards

(located in ADM, CLA, CLB, LIB, HSB, FTC & PAC)

Students Official Students
Ads & Notices
Please date your posting. It may remain posted for 30 days.
LSC System
Organizations & Sports
Must be approved through the Office of Student Activities
Exclusively for student postings seeking to buy/sell/trade an item or commodity Exclusively for Official LSC System announcements Exclusively for postings related to Student Life events, Student Clubs & Organizations, or Sports Clubs & Intramurals
*Postings must be approved by the Office of Student Life (SCC 240) *Postings must be approved by the Office of Student Life (SCC 240) *Postings must be approved by the Office of Student Life (SCC 240)

Board Locations

  • ADM - 1st floor on the wall across from the library entrance, 2nd floor between stairwell and the LIB bridge
  • CLA - 1st floor on the wall adjacent to the teaching theatre across from the courtyard entrance doors
  • CLB - On the wall immediately to the left of the restrooms
  • LIB - 2nd floor across from stairs and on the wall adjacent to the lounge area
  • HSB - On the first floor outside faculty suites
  • FTC - On the left wall as you are walking to the "locker rooms"
  • PAC - Across from daycare center & commons area

Business/Community Board in PAC

(located across from daycare center to the left of the general board)


  • Exclusively for Business and Community postings
  • Postings shall include a disclosure statement stating that LSC-K does not endorse/support the business or community postings
  • *Postings must be approved by the Office of Student Life (SCC 240)


In accordance with the Penal Code of the State of Texas, no person affiliated with a Lone Star College-Kingwood Student Activities Club or Organization may participate in hazing practices. This includes but is not limited to:

  • "performing an act or subjecting another to a situation or action that causes undue mental or physical discomfort or danger to one's self or others;
  • is morally degrading or ethically unsound; causes public humiliation;
  • could cause damage to public or personal property;
  • is contrary to any local, state or federal laws;
  • interferes with educational activities, or is not in keeping with the stated educational mission of" Lone Star College.

(Taken from The University of Tampa Student Organization & Advisor Handbook 2009-2010).


Athough student leaders have freedom of choice in the selection of members, they may not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, disability, age, veteran status, national origin, or ethnicity.

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Every Registered Student Organization (RSO) is required to submit a Constitution to the Office of Student Life shortly after they apply for their initial registration. The purpose of having a constitution is to (1) ensure a smooth transition for new officers, (2) provide club leaders and the Office of Student Life a reference source for policies and procedures, (3) assist the club in maintaining compliance, fairness and consistency for all students.

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Student Activity Fee Requests

Lone Star College students pay a Student Activity Fee of $2.00/credit hour (http://www.lonestar.edu/tuition.htm) each semester. These funds constitute a fund that can be used for student activities as outlined by the State of Texas (http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/ED/htm/ED.54.htm). Student organizations can request funds to promote their club, travel on behalf of their club, and conduct club functions by submitting a fee request. Requests are reviewed by the Student Activity Fee Committee (SFAC) where final recommendations are made.

  • Student Activity Fee Request Form (PDF)

The next SFAC meeting will be:


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Cody Awards

Submit your Student or Presenter for Cody Awards.

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