Pathways for The New Mathways Project

The three mathematics pathways serve students who are placed into developmental math at the Beginning/Introduction to Algebra or Intermediate Algebra level or who have completed Basic Arithmetic.  Each pathway leads to completion of a college-level, transferable math course.

The pathways are anchored in college-level transferable mathematics courses with outcomes compatible with those for courses listed in the Texas Academic Course Guide Manual, such as Introductory Statistics (MATH 1342) and Contemporary Mathematics (MATH 1332).

The pathways will include a Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning course (EDUC 1300 or PYSC 1300) to be taken in conjunction with the student’s first math course in the pathway. The mathematics courses and the student success course will form an interconnected experience enabling students to succeed in mathematics and build the skills they need to complete a degree or certificate program in their chosen field of study.