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Strategic Enrollment Management Council

Note From The Chancellor

Lone Star College is committed to Student Success, and our work with strategic enrollment management will support us in the fulfillment of our mission and vision of providing comprehensive educational opportunities and programs to enrich lives and achieve exceptional levels of success in student learning, student completion, gainful employment, equity and affordability.

I commend the Strategic Enrollment Management Council for their hard work and for the extensive research and planning conducted for this critical project. I believe its efforts will serve as a catalyst to improve our practices in recruiting, admitting, retaining, and graduating Lone Star College students.

Stephen C. Head, Ph.D.

Executive Summary

It was an honor to have the opportunity to work with such a talented team of faculty, staff and administrators in the development of the SEM report and recommendations and I thank them for their time and commmitment to this important effort in support of Lone Star College, its current and future students and their success.

While recruiting students is frequently the focus of such plans, LSC made a conscious decision to act intentionally and simultaneously explore the element of retention as a core component of its plan.

This approach allowed for a concentrated focus on examining LSC's current state and making clearer recommendations for its desired future state related to forecasting enrollment targets, establishing comprehensive support systems and technology enhancements, and customizing institutional programs and services to recruit, retain and support students throughout their educational experience with Lone Star College.

The Strategic Enrollment Management Plan is a living document responsive to changes in environmental factors, such as funding, demographic shifts, external influences or unanticipated enrollment fluctuations. Finally, the plan will be integrated into Lone Star College's Annual Cycle of Effectiveness to measure its progress towards achieving its goals.

Alicia B. Harvey-Smith, Ph.D.
SEM Chair
Executive Vice Chancellor

Strategic Enrollment Mangement: Defined

“A comprehensive process designed to help an institution achieve and maintain the optimum recruitment, retention and graduation rates of students, where optimum is defined in the academic context of the institution” Dolence, 1993


To develop a comprehensive and system-wide strategic enrollment management framework and plan and to champion the development and alignment of campus based plans supporting the continued growth and success of Lone Star College and its students.


To develop a fully integrated SEM model that includes recommendation of goals and strategies for college-wide processes and systems supporting the recruitment, retention, persistence and completion of LSC students in credit, non-credit, workforce development and training programs and recommend measures for assessing progress.

5 Major Goals of the SEM Plan

  • Establish institution-wide dialogue and strategy development focused on Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Establish system-wide framework for implementation and evaluation of SEM goal attainment
  • Serve as a catalyst and support for LSC campus SEM plan development
  • Set clear goals for achieving gains in LSC enrollment and retention
  • Institutionalize strategies and processes to sustain long term performance in enrollment, retention and completion


diagraph of the process

Lone Star’s Strategic Enrollment Management process is divided into stages of activity progressing from Assessing the Current State, Identifying and Planning the Future State, Executing an Action Plan to Reach for the Future State, Assessing the Future State for goal attainment, and finally, continuing the process for continued Quality Improvement, and assessing the “Vision/Planning – Action – Future State” cycle.

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan

The Strategic Enrollment Management plan consists of the following sections:

  • Chancellor's Message
  • Executive Summary
  • Strategic Enrollment Management at Lone Star College
  • Why Strategic Enrollment Management? The Rationale for Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Process Overview
  • Stage 1: Current State
  • Stage 2: Research
  • Stage 3: Visioning
  • Stage 4: Planning
  • Next Step
  • Appendix

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