These courses are currently in development with an anticipated start date of Spring 2016.

Lone Star College - Kingwood professors Suzie Goss and Lyle O'Neal are on the state STEM-prep pathways committee.

The college-level course in the Quantitative Literacy pathway serves students focused on developing quantitative literacy skills that will be meaningful for their professional, civic, and personal lives.

STEM Prep builds algebraic skills and understanding through applications and contexts from specific STEM-related programs of study. Depending on the program, these students may be preparing to enter the Calculus track or may need strong algebraic skills to enter other science and technical courses.

Upon completion of the first-semester course, students in the STEM Prep course enter into a two-course sequence that prepares them for Calculus. Students earn transferable college credit in the second STEM Prep course. We anticipate launching the STEM Prep course implementation in spring 2016.

Here is how this will differ from the traditional algebra sequence: