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2009 - 2011 Strategic Goals


Goal 1 Maintain affordability and accessibility
1.1 Deliver accessible quality education to the regional and global workforce.
1.2 Expand class offerings to improve program accessibility.
1.3 Increase accessibility and opportunity to diverse populations in the region.
1.4 Promote more financial aid opportunities to students.

Goal 2 Recruit and retain talented and innovative faculty, administrators, and staff
2.1 Review current faculty, administrator, and staff orientation programs system-wide and develop one effective orientation program.
2.2 Expand a substantive, dynamic and innovative mentoring and professional development program for all faculty, administrators, and staff.
2.3 Create and foster a culture of feedback and continuous performance improvement.
2.4 Provide employees with a total rewards package that is competitive with identified local, regional and national benchmark employers.
2.5 Develop a system-wide diversity initiative which promotes an inclusive workplace that celebrates and values all.
2.6 Identify, develop and leverage innovative employee talent that maximizes our ability to achieve system mission and goals.

Goal 3 Provide academic excellence and strengthen connectivity and accountibility through high quality academic and service programs
3.1 Implement a system-wide faculty-driven academic review process to assess the growth, quality, viability and accessibility of all programs.
3.2 Strengthen career services for those with work experience and those new to the workforce.
3.3 Make accountability and performance visible throughout the system through annual report card to the public and the college community.
3.4 Increase electronic communications to support activities in a multi-site environment.
3.5 Enhance the infrastructure and visibility of extra-curricular and student organizations across the system.

Goal 4 Focus on outcomes driven student success
4.1 Strengthen all academic support services.
4.2 Focus on discipline-specific advising opportunities.
4.3 Improve and promote job placement for students.
4.4 Develop faculty-driven outcome assessment.
4.5 Develop a method to track student goal attainment.
4.6 Provide clear degree program course requirements.

Goal 5 Create effective internal and external systems of communication
5.1 Strengthen stakeholder interactions within system.
5.2 Expand a system-wide approach to sharing best practices.
5.3 Implement a consistent emergency/crisis notification and response plan.
5.4 Continue to define LSCS brand to improve system recognition, cohesion and pride.

Goal 6 Provide quality student focused service
6.1 Develop mandatory student orientation programs to meet needs of diverse student population.
6.2 Strengthen and improve visibility of student and online support services.
6.3 Offer non-English student service assistance to speakers of other languages.
6.4 Streamline process for the continuous improvement and updating of the LSCS website.
6.5 Improve Internet and web based media and communication for

Goal 7 Create efficiencies in operation in resource allocation
7.1 Implement and streamline business procedures and management infrastructure across system.
7.2 Implement technology to increase efficiency and promote stewardship of natural resources.
7.3 Strengthen guidelines and protocols for the use of external service providers.
7.4 Improve effectiveness to assess the stewardship of state, local, and federal funds.
7.5 Implement a data driven system to support system-wide fiscal functions.

Goal 8 Develop and maintain mutually constructive community partnerships
8.1 Strengthen innovative relationships with local industries, healthcare community, state agencies, educational partners and civic organizations.
8.2 Strengthen connectivity of enrollment in technical programs and projected workforce needs.
8.3 Expand and market non-credit continuing education programs.
8.4 Create a system-wide mechanism to gather input from community.
8.5 Promote the Lone Star Corporate College.

Goal 9 Increase quality and quantity of technology services in support of teaching, learning and administration
9.1 Prepare system-wide technology strategic plan with input from user groups.
9.2 Expand innovative and engaging on-line learning environments.
9.3 Expand and deliver academically challenging on-line programs through collaboration between faculty discipline experts and technology services.
9.4 Strengthen technology infrastructure and function of Office of Technology Services.
9.5 Strengthen computer security and update protocols.
9.6 Enhance the on-line support for faculty and students.
9.7 Strengthen Internet/Intranet usage policy.

Goal 10 Plan and achieve quality growth management
10.1 Build innovative and high tech learning facilities while considering environmental sustainability.
10.2 Establish performance and reporting metrics for anticipated programmatic growth, enrollment growth, personnel needs and capital development.
10.3 Strengthen security measures across system.
10.4 Promote facility management to support growth. 

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