Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

Accessible Programs, Classes, Activities

Students with disabilities can expect to have access not only for their classes, but all activities and events sanctioned by the college, including clubs and organizations, web sites, tutoring, etc. Access for some activites and events may require that the student request accommodations in advance.

Accommodations Honored

Once appropriate accommodations have been determined by Disability Services, students can expect that they will be honored. If you do not receive an accommodation, contact your Disability Counselor immediately.

Confidentiality Maintained

Students can expect that information about their disability will be kept confidential. Disability files are stored separately from academic records and nothing on the transcript will indicate that a student has a disability or has received accommodations. Information is shared on a need-to-know basis in order to provide accommodations.

Student Responsibilities

Self-Identification & Self-Advocacy

Students are an integral part of the accommodation process. Students should meet with a Disability Counselor and provide documentation of their disability well in advance of the class. At the beginning of the semester, students should meet individually with each instructor and provide a copy of the Accommodation Form that identifies the accommodation(s) to be provided. Many accommodations will require some involvement and follow-through by the student. If an accommodation is not provided, is not working, or you feel that some other change is needed, contact the Disability Counselor as soon as possible.

Follow Institutional Procedures To Request Accommodations

In order to receive accommodations, students need to meet with a counselor in Disability Services and provide documentation of their disability. There may be some additional procedural requirements, that your counselor will explain at the meeting. Simply telling your instructor that you have a disability without going through Disability Services does not ensure that accommodations will be provided.

Request Accommodations In A Timely, Appropriate Manner

Most accommodations cannot be provided without advance notice. The amount of advance notice required will vary depending on the specific accommodation. If you need accommodations for a course, such as books in an alternate format or sign language interpreters, plenty of advance notice is critical in order for you to have everything ready for the first day of class. And don't forget to let your counselor know if you change your schedule! Give your instructors your Accommodation Form at the beginning of the semester. Instructors aren't responsible for providing accommodations until you provide them this form.

Meet The Same Standards For Successful Completion Of Class As Other Students

Unlike high school, where coursework can be modified, students with disabilities in college have to meet the same requirements as students without disabilities.  While your test might be in a different format (i.e., enlarged print, electronic format) it is the same test as all students take. You may use voice-to-text software to type your paper, but the paper will be graded based on the same standards as other students. Your accommodations will help ensure you have access to the information presented in the course, but your success is up to you.

Adhere To Institutional Rules And Regulations, Including Student Code Of Conduct

Students with disabilities must follow all institutional rules and regulations, such as registration deadlines, financial aid progress standards, requirements for select admission programs, and the student code of conduct.