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Student & Faculty Guidelines

The Assessment Center offers an alternative classroom for faculty, LSC-Online, and makeup testing. A test referral form is required prior to testing.

For information, concerns or comments call 281.618.5744.

Student Guidelines


  • All students must show a valid photo ID to take a test. Acceptable forms of ID include driver's license, state ID, company ID, or school ID as long as it shows the student's name and photo.

Procedures for Taking a Test

  • All students must log into the Assessment Center database and complete the Sign In form.
  • The student must show proper photo identification.
  • Children are not permitted in the Assessment Center.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the testing rooms. These items must be turned off completely and left in backpacks or turned in to staff with a photo ID. These items will be returned upon completion of the test.
  • Student will be required to inform the staff of the following:
1.        instructor's name,
2.        course name and number
3.        title of the test he or she wants to take (i.e. Quiz 1, Test 2, Midterm).
  • The student will be informed of any allowable materials such as scratch paper, notes, books, etc.
  • The student will also be notified of the amount of time allowed for the test. This time will also be noted on the Sign In form. It will be the student's responsibility to keep up with the time limit and return all test materials to the Assessment Center staff at the appropriate time.
  • The staff member will file the completed test in the instructor's file.
  • Under no circumstances are students allowed to remove tests from the Assessment Center.

Faculty Guidelines

Placing Tests in the Assessment Center

  • Instructors may place tests in the Center in person or by an authorized non-student representative or via interoffice mail.
  • Students are not allowed to transport tests.
  • Faxed tests are not accepted.
  • An Instructor's Test Request will be required for all tests administered in the Center.
  • All tests will be logged in by the Assessment Center staff.

Instructor's Test Request Form

  • The Assessment Center will provide instructors with an Instructor's Test Request. Instructors must complete items #1-10.
  • Please clearly state all testing guidelines/supplies as well as the last date the test may be administered.Students should not be given blank Test Request forms to complete.
  • If a test is to be administered to a limited number of students, please list their names on the form for verification.
  • Only classes designated Online or Hybrid are eligible for entire class testing in the Assessment Center. In this case, please attach a class roster.
  • Note any students that require special accommodations.


  • Please have your name printed on each test to avoid an error in filing.
  • Each test should have an identifying title and/or refer to a specific class and section (if applicable) so that a student can indicate the test he or she will be taking.
  • The Assessment Center is not able to make copies of tests.  Please provide sufficient copies.
  • If answer sheet (NCS) is needed, it must be provided by the instructor or student. 
  • Instructors are asked to have materials organized for easy distribution.
  • All tests are filed by instructor's name.

The Assessment Center does not accept or issue any non-testing materials such syllabi, projects, take-home test, homework, etc.

Picking up Completed Tests

  • All tests must be collected by the instructor or authorized personnel.
  • Tests that are left in the center for an extended period of time will be returned via interoffice mail.

Week of Finals:  During the week of finals, all tests will be held in the Assessment Center for pick up.

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