LSC-Jakarta Student Life

The office of student life at each of the Lone Star College System campuses offers a variety of ways to help you get involved with your campus, other students and your community. Student life programming opens the doors to leadership development, social opportunities, skill enhancement, volunteerism and academic success.

The ultimate goal of student life is to enhance the student experience and promote student success. LSC-Jakarta students can get connected to various clubs and organizations on campus that provide students the opportunity to participate in academic, cultural, social and religious activities. The campus also provides an array of events so students can?stay involved with all areas of student life.

For more information on all of the student activities available on campus you can email the Dean of Student Success.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is one of the world’s oldest and largest college honor societies. The Beta Phi Nu Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Lone Star College- Jakarta connects students to an international organization with over two million members worldwide to provide networking opportunities, intellectual exploration, the opportunity to serve others, and the ability to build leadership skills in the membership. The purpose of Beta Phi Nu Chapter shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service and the cultivation of fellowship among students. Membership is a special honor afforded to a small group of outstanding students at LSC-Jakarta who have completed over 12 credit hours of coursework with over a 3.5 cumulative GPA.

In order for you to become a member of the Beta Phi Nu chapter you must complete the following steps.

  1. Complete a Beta Phi Nu chapter membership application
  2. Attend one of the PTK Orientation sessions. Sessions for the fall semester will take place on September 20th, September 23rd, and September 28th.
  3. Once you have received your PTK invitation from the chapter, you must pay a one-time new membership fee that includes a chapter, regional and international fee.
  4. Complete the International membership application with one of the PTK chapter advisors.
  5. All new members are invited to attend the PTK Induction Ceremony which takes place each spring semester.

Membership provides exclusive access to a compilation of innovative benefits available to you online. Highlights of the online benefits include the eScholarship Directory, listing information on scholarships designated exclusively for Phi Theta Kappa members; letters of recommendation for scholarships and employment; and press releases announcing your induction into the Society. These benefits, accessible exclusively to Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Phi Nu members, give you the academic, scholarship and employment tools that will help you attain your goals for the future.

For more information on Phi Theta Kappa and the Beta Phi Nu chapter you can contact one of the advisors or officers below.


Aaron N. Salas (Advisor)

Daniel Cooper (Advisor)

Muhammad Siddiq Zulendra (President)

Student Government Association

The mission of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to provide LSC-Jakarta students with representation, services, and advocacy within the college structure. The SGA provides quality leadership for, and accountability to, its constituency through various activities including weekly meetings, campus and community service activities.

SGA members are elected each semester at the beginning of each fall semester and the end of each spring semester. If you are interested in joining contact one of our representatives today!


Aaron N. Salas (Advisor)