If All Roads Lead to College, Why Settle For Just One?

Lone Star College Systempromotesa comprehensive approach toward education. Depending on youracademic and career goals,a combination of Advance Placement, articulating and dual credit courses could shorten your time in college by one year.Review the opportunities for college credit in high school and discoverwhichone, if not all, is right for you.

Eligibility Requirements

ALL eligibility requirements must be met in order to receive credit.VisitaLSCS advisorfor help determining whetheryou meettherequirementslisted below:
  1. Texas high school graduate
  2. Complete 6 credit hours ofnon-developmental LSCS college courses **Exception:Articulation for RNSG 1105 requires 10credit hours instead of 6, along with admission to the Nursing Program
  3. Request credits within 15 monthsfrom the day ofhigh school graduation **Exception: Students admitted to the Nursing Program have 36 months from the day of high school graduation to apply for PLA credit.
  4. Complete at least onearticulatingcourseduringjunior or senior year of high school
  5. Grade average of 80 or more onall articulating high school courses
  6. Complete prerequisites forany college course you are requesting articulated credit toward
  7. OFFICIAL transcript on file with LSCS admissions
If eligible, submit a completed application for Prior LearningAssessmentby High School Articulation to an advisor along with your official high school transcript.

AAS to Bachelor Degree

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees CAN lead into bachelor degree programs at a number of universities. With university articulation agreements, students can pick up right where they left off to earn a bachelor degree. Visit AAS to Bachelor Degree to view an abbreviated list of university partners.

Questions or Concerns? Contact Educational Partnerships