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LSC-Tomball Star of the Month

Lone Star College-Tomball student Alan Abbott is one busy young man. A dual-credit student who began taking classes at the college in fall 2012, Alan, 18, will graduate high school this May and then continue at LSCS for an additional year to gain not only further college credit, but valuable life skills. Although he hopes to transfer to Texas A&M in fall 2015 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and then a master’s degree in business, he first would like to pursue an EMT certification through the program at LSC-Montgomery while he continues to take his college transfer classes at LSC-Tomball. “I think it would be great to work my way through A&M as an EMT,” he said. “Plus, it’s just a good skill to have.”

Though Alan began walking the LSC-Tomball halls when he was rather young, he has not refrained from getting involved outside the classroom. This year, he was a member of the LSCS Model United Nations delegation representing Uruguay in the Model United Nations assembly held in New York City March 29 – April 4. He served on the first committee for disarmament and international security issues and presented a two-page position paper that he wrote on the subject with fellow LSC-Tomball student Kaylin Arnold. “This whole experience has really opened up my eyes,” he said. “I now talk about treaties and resolutions like other people would talk about the weather.”

Alan sees college as important for two reasons: “If you see yourself at an end goal, chances are college is required to reach that goal,” he mused. He continued, stating that even if one cannot visualize the future, “education is key to expanding your horizons. For example, the Model United Nations has exposed me to so many things I may not have otherwise known.”

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