Tutor Assignments and Resources

Practicum Paper Assignment

At the conclusion of the semester, each tutor will complete a typed essay (of at least 500 words). The purpose of this essay is to encourage self-reflection. Ask yourself the following questions?

    * As a tutor, what progress did I make in my professional development?
    * As a tutor, what challenges did I face during this semester?
    * How did I overcome any obstacles or challenges?
    * How did I help my clients/tutees overcome any obstacles?
    * How will the challenges and progress that occurred throughout this experience influence my future in the
       academic and/or professional world?

Use this essay as an opportunity to discuss and think through your pedagogical prospective.
This assignment will count toward 45 minutes of your CRLA training.
Submit in person or via email.


College Reading and Learning Association

Sites to Promote Academic Success

University of Hawaii Honolulu Community College provides a Teaching Tips Index 
on classroom management as well as communication skills and organizational techniques

Center of City College of San Francisco

Three Rivers Community College Connecticut: college’s tutor training site

Tutoring Tips and Info: TutorNation

Tutoring groups


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