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2014 LSC-University Center at Montgomery Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to our 2014 LSC-University Center at Montgomery Scholarship recipients!

On the evening of March 24, 2014, the Presidential Scholars Reception and Ceremony was held at Lone Star College-Montgomery. Scholarship awards were presented to students from LSC-Montgomery and to those attending partner university classes at the LSC-University Center at Montgomery. LSC-Montgomery President Austin Lane, hosted the evening. LSC-University Center at Montgomery Student Services Director Dr. Debra Britton joined President Lane to distribute the awards and congratulate our students.

Scholarship Types:

AAUW-Montgomery Branch Scholarship is funded by the American Association of University Women. Since 1881, American Association of University Women has been a catalyst for change. Today with more then 100,000 members, 1,300 branches, and 500 colleges and university partners, AAUW contributes to a more promising future and provides a powerful voice. AAUW is advancing equity for women and girls through education, research and advocacy. The requirements for the $500 scholarship are similar to those for LSC-University Center Transfer Scholarships.

LSC-University Center at Montgomery Transfer Scholarship - FOLLETT
This scholarship is designed to encourage those students who transfer to one of our partner universities to complete their degree whether  undergraduate or graduate.   These scholarships are in the amount of $250.00.  To be eligible for consideration, student must be currently enrolled in at least six hours, and  have a GPA of 2.50.  Also, important are  academic performance, school/community service, and financial need.

The recipients: Finishing a degree at: Award type
Michelle Alvarez Our Lady of the Lake Follett
Janie Garcia Our Lady of the Lake Follett
Megan Graham Our Lady of the Lake AAUW
Keri Margraves Our Lady of the Lake Follett
Roderic Moses Our Lady of the Lake Follett
Margaret Oguago Our Lady of the Lake Follett
Michelle Pisciotta Our Lady of the Lake Follett