LSC-University Center Computer Labs
Students may be issued computer accounts through the university in which they are registered. LSC-University Center computer labs are available to all students registered for courses offered through LSC-University Center. Hours are posted each semester. Microsoft Office applications and Internet access are available at LSC-University Center.

Library Services
LSC-University Center Library is located behind the elevators on the third floor in Room 300 (936-723-7562). A full-time reference librarian is on duty Monday through Friday. Library resources include:

  • 68 computer workstations
  • Internet access
  • Wireless internet
  • Access hundreds of research databases
  • Microsoft Office
  • Photocopier
  • Laser printers
  • Scanners
  • Pleasant, comfortable study setting
  • Borrow books from the LSC-Montgomery College Library (next door to the LSC-University Center)
  • Borrow books through Interlibrary Loan
  • Access more than 45,000 books online right now through the NetLibrary database!
  • Access full-text, on-line versions and 20-years-worth of scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal.

Each partner university's online library services are easily accessed through the LSC-University Center library web pages. Reserve materials, when requested/provided by individual instructors, are kept in the library office. Reserve materials are available for copying or reading in the quiet areas of the library. Articles, books, and other library materials ordered from other campuses via inter/intralibrary loan, will be delivered directly to The LSC-University Center Library. Students may also visit their own "home" campus for library services. LSC-University Center students may obtain a TexShare card which allows privileges at participating academic or public libraries. LSC-University Center students may request or borrower materials from any Lone Star College Library, or Harris County Public Library or Montgomery County Memorial Library System. Ask or email ( the LSC-University Center Librarian for more information about any of these services (936-723-7562).

Requesting Special Accommodations
The partner universities of LSC-University Center are equal opportunity educational institutions. Accommodations on the basis of disability are available from the Centers for Students with Disabilities at each student's "homeuniversity. Please inquire in the LSC-University Center Student Services Office (936.273.7510 or 936.321.4500 -- hours) for assistance with processing these requests through the "home" universities.