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Joint Admission & Transfer

Joint Admission & Reverse Transfer
Find out how you can be a student at both Lone Star College System and our other excellent partner universities. See how to maximize the number of courses completed at Lone Star College System that can be applied toward a baccalaureate degree at these universities. Joint admissions allows students to co-enroll at a partner university. Benefits include a simplified application process, discounted or no application fees, and complete access to the facilities and resources of both institutions.

What is Reverse Transfer?
Lone Star College System also has a Reverse Transfer program with the above universities. Reverse Transfer establishes policies and procedures for credits earned at universities to be transferred to Lone Star College System and applied toward associate degrees. For example, students wishing to obtain an associate degree while attending a university can transfer university credit towards the associate degree. This same student can apply for LSCS graduation online.

More information on joint admission & reverse transfer at the Lone Star-University Center partner colleges' websites:

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