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English Bachelor of Arts

English, Bachelor of Arts
Course List Brochure (PDF)

The Department of English strives to provide students with opportunities to grow as learners and as individuals. Students in the English program may, through study of literature, gain an awareness and knowledge of themselves and their contemporary world. Other English students combine their cultural interests with specific vocational objectives, such as professional writing, teaching, or pre-professional training for law, business, or medicine.

English forms the cornerstone of humanities. In a variety of courses in literature, writing, and the English language, SHSU English students find a source of personal enrichment, and they develop verbal, analytical, and cultural skills readily adaptable to a variety of careers. English students learn to write with grace and precision, to read and analyze texts with accuracy, to conduct research and organize a welter of materials, and to speak and listen well in order to sharpen their critical thinking and inquiry skills. These skills are highly valued by prospective employers. Most professions stress above all else the ability of their employees to read, write, and speak well, and critically analyze information.

Students may be eligible for an Associate’s Degree from Lone Star College System after their first two years of study. Please see your Lone Star College advisor to check the requirements or refer to your LSC-Catalog pages 76-77. A maximum of 66 hours may transfer from a community college. The Bachelor of Arts degree may be taken with an approved minor or may be done with no minor. The BA degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours.

(For additional information see the English section of the Sam Houston State University catalog on-line)