New Students
To enroll in any course offered through LSC-University Center at The Woodlands, a student must first meet the admission requirements and be admitted to one of the six partner universities. Since programs are non-duplicated, a student applies to the university offering the program in which the student wishes to complete a degree. This would be the student's "home" university. Undergraduate students seeking a bachelor's degree should have already earned an associate's degree or completed a substantial number of college academic credit hours before beginning the transfer admissions process. Graduate students seeking a master's or professional degree must have earned an approved bachelor's degree, at minimum, before considering admission. Non-degree seeking students desiring to take courses must be admitted to the specific university offering the course through LSC-University Center at The Woodlands.

Use the links below to find applications for admission and other information about each partner university. If available on a partner university web site, an application form can be downloaded, filled out, and sent in with a check for the application fee. Some universities allow the student to complete the application online and pay the fee using a credit card. This is the fastest way of getting the application to the university.

Links to Partner University Admissions & Applications

Additional information about each partner university can be requested from LSC-University Center at The Woodlands's Student Services Office (936.273.7510 or 936.321.4500 or email -- hours). The office is located in Room 102 off of the LSC-University Center at The Woodlands lobby.

In addition to a completed and signed application, all LSC-University Center at The Woodlands partner universities require that official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended be sent directly to the university. (Most students also find it useful to obtain additional copies of transcripts for their own records and advising purposes.) The complete, non-refundable application fee must be included with the application.

Each LSC-University Center at The Woodlands partner university may have additional admission requirements beyond the general requirements listed above. Some schools or programs within each university may also have additional requirements beyond those of the university. The catalog of the "home" university contains detailed information concerning these requirements. 

Partner University Online Catalogs

Joint Admissions

Take advantage of the Lone Star College System's Joint admissions program partnerships with our partner universities.
Find out how joint admissions allow you to

  • Maximize the number of courses completed at LSCS that can be applied toward a baccalaureate degree at these partner universities.
  • Transfer course work from at the partner universities back to LSCS to complete requirements for the associate degree
  • Enjoy enrollment status at LSCS and these partner universities simultaneously.

>>more information on joint admissions

Additional Information for Undergraduate Admissions (Bachelor Degrees)

Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA)
In addition to the above requirements, undergraduate students will be required to provide test results indicating that a student has passed the THEA exam or proof of exemption. Proof of satisfying THEA requirements should be provided directly to the "home" university. This requirement also includes students transferring from out-of-state or private Texas institutions. THEA registration bulletins are also available in the LSC-University Center at The Woodlands Student Services Office (936.273.7510 or 936.321.4500 -- hours) or online at

Additional Information for Graduate Admissions (master's and professional degrees)

In addition to the above requirements, graduate students must also provide scores for any standardized test as required for admission to the specific program to which they are applying. The most commonly required tests for admission to LSC-University Center at The Woodlands graduate programs are GRE, GMAT, or MAT. Students are able to request information booklets from the LSC-University Center at The Woodlands Student Services Office (936.273.7510 or 936.321.4500 or email -- hours). Scores must be sent to the "home" university directly from the testing agency. Some colleges or programs have specific deadlines for taking these tests. Contact the program representative for minimum scores required and to better understand use of scores in admission decisions. 

Former Students

Each partner university has specific requirements for former students, such as readmission or update of students records. Students who have either formerly attended or ever previously applied for admission to the university they now select to attend should contact the LSC-University Center at The Woodlands Student Services Office (936.273.7510 or 936.321.4500-- hours) for any special procedures.

International Students
In addition to the above requirements, international students should begin the process for admission early in the semester immediately preceding the anticipated entry date. All international students are also required to earn a passing score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) before they can enroll. Contact the international student office of the "home" university for TOEFL test dates, visa procedures, and other requirements.