LSC-University Center at The Woodlands offers
  • An opportunity to attend classes closer to work or home
  • Many evening classes are offered for students who have other commitments during the day.
  • All classes meet in the George P. Mitchell Building at LSC-University Center at The Woodlands, 3232 College Park Drive, The Woodlands, Texas (map).

Courses offered through LSC-UC are taught in a variety of class type methods

  • Traditional Classroom
    Most are traditionally taught, "live on-site."classes where an instructor leads from the same classroom in which the students learn.
  • Interactive Classrooms or Seminar Rooms
  • Interactive television is available in 8 classrooms and 4 seminar rooms. Interactive courses are usually sent to LSC-University Center at The Woodlands from the "home" university, although the instructor can be live on-site and also teaching to students at other campuses. Since this method utilizes two-way video and two-way audio capabilities, students find little difference between live and interactive. For example, students can ask questions as the instructor is lecturing to the class.
  • Videotape & Television
    Some students enroll in classes offered by videotape or on television. An instructor's classes have been videotaped and are available for students to purchase or record from a broadcast to view at their own leisure. Exam dates are scheduled by the instructor in the syllabus provided to the students.

Class Size
Typically, classes offered through The University Center are small. Seminar rooms seat up to a maximum of 14 students and other classrooms each have seating capacity that varies from 20 up to a maximum of 85.