Accounting, BBA (ACC)
Course List Brochure (PDF)

The mission of the College of Business is to support Sam Houston State University’s mission by providing students with the education experience in the field of business necessary to become productive citizens, to develop successful business related careers and to provide interested students with the background necessary to pursue advanced studies in the field of business and related fields.  The educational experience at the undergraduate level is designed to provide students with the intellectual flexibility to be successful in a dynamic business environment.

Sam Houston State University’s College of  Business offers students the opportunity to complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting at the University Center.  Students can take all of the lower level requirements at any Lone Star College System or any other junior college or four-year university.  The first two years of the accounting program puts the student within a few hours of obtaining the Associate of Arts degree.  The upper level business core, upper level required accounting courses, and a selection of upper level business electives will be offered on a rotational pattern at the University Center.

The BBA degree follows specific course requirements as specified in the SHSU Undergraduate Catalog.  The minimum total hours required for the BBA degree is 120.  Students may be eligible for an Associates degree from Lone Star College System after their first two years of study. Please see your Lone Star College advisor to check the requirements or refer to your LSC-Catalog pages 76-77.

The staff members in the Academic Student Services Office at the UC assist all students in determining which program of study to pursue.  This includes providing information about the variety of programs available, reviewing transcripts to aid in identifying any courses to be completed before entering the program of choice, and serving as liaison between the student and university program representatives.  Students who have already earned an associate’s degree or have a substantial number of college academic credit hours should contact the Office (936.273.7510 or 281.618.7140) for advising and to begin the transfer admission process for the university offering the degree program they desire to pursue. 

(For additional information see the Sam Houston State University Catalog on-line)