Finance, Bachelor of Business Administration
Course List Brochure (PDF)

Sam Houston State University’s College of Business Administration offers students the opportunity to complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance at the LSC-University Center. The upper level business core and a selection of upper level business electives will be offered on a rotational pattern. Students can take the lower level requirements at any Lone Star College System institution (or other community college or four-year university). The first two years of the BBA program puts the student within a few hours of obtaining the AA degree from Lone Star College System.

Please note that all of the junior and senior level courses listed by SHSU course number (e.g., FIN 334, MKT 371, etc.) will be offered at the University Center. To satisfy the six hours of 300– or 400– level business electives, select courses from the upper level business electives that will be offered at the LSC-University Center. Students may transfer a maximum of 66 hours from a community college toward a bachelor’s degree. Students are required to take at least 42 hours of advanced level courses. Upper level SHSU course completed at the LSC-University Center count toward the residency requirements. Students must also complete at least 30 hours, of which 24 are advanced, from SHSU. The minimum total hours required to complete a BBA in Finance is 120.

(For additional information see the General Business and Finance section of the Sam Houston State University catalog on-line)