Spanish, Bachelor of Arts
Course List Brochure (PDF)

The Program in Foreign Languages offers Sam Houston State University students the opportunity to increase their social awareness and broaden their educational experience by learning the language and culture of other people and countries. In this world of international business and world travel, it is necessary to communicate effectively with one another. Through the ages, language barriers have posed a difficult obstacle that has deterred our efforts to exchange ideas. In an attempt to overcome this problem, more and more students are taking language courses in higher levels of education.

Faculty members bring to the classroom their wide range of training and experience to assist students in their endeavors to acquire a new language. Classroom instruction is reinforced in the basic courses by practical experience in the language lab. In addition, many cultural events during the course of the academic year reinforce classroom and laboratory experiences to provide students the opportunity to relate to other cultures. Competence in one or more foreign languages are needed in professions like: agriculture, business, computer science, criminology, education, the fine arts, government service, industry, international business, medicine, science and related areas. The Department of Foreign Languages prepares students for professions requiring a foreign language as a major skill.

Students may be eligible for an Associate’s Degree from Lone Star College System after their first two years of study. Please see your Lone Star College advisor to check the requirements or refer to your LSC-Catalog pages 86-87. A maximum of 66 hours may transfer from a community college. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish must be taken with an approved minor. The BA degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours.

(For additional information see the Spanish section of the Sam Houston State University catalog on-line)