Bachelor's Degrees (Undergraduate Programs)

Information on Bachelor's Degrees (Undergraduate Programs)

Beginning The Process

The partner universities offer the junior and senior level courses for bachelor degree programs through LSC-University Center at Montgomery. Students who have already earned an associate's degree or have a substantial number of college academic credit hours should contact the Student Services Office at LSC-University Center at Montgomery (936.273.7500 or 936.321.4500 or email -- hours) for advising and to begin the transfer admission process for the university offering the degree program they desire to pursue.

Preparing to Tranfer

Students needing freshman and sophomore level courses begin their journey to LSC-University Center at Montgomery at the nearest Lone Star College System (LSCS) campus including students who have never attended college. Counselors at North Harris, Kingwood, Tomball, Cyfair, Montgomery, and University Park campuses will help students begin or continue their college careers by creating a personal degree plan aligning course work with any LSC-University Center at Montgomery major area of study. Advisors in the LSC-University Center at Montgomery Student Services Office also provide guidance for these students.

Transfer Course Work

A series of articulation agreements between Lone Star College System and the partner universities have been developed especially for the programs offered through LSC-University Center at Montgomery. These agreements establish the course and program requirements for students who begin their undergraduate program at one of the Lone Star College System campuses to complete through LSC-University Center at Montgomery. All of the system colleges and LSC-University Center at Montgomery have copies of these agreements.

Master's and Professional Degrees

Information on Master's and Professional Degrees

Beginning the Process:

Students who have earned an approved bachelor's degree are ready pursue a master's or post-baccalaureate professional degree should contact the Student Services Office at LSC-University Center at Montgomery (936.273.7500 or 936.321.4500 or email – hours) for general program information.

Obtaining Specific Program Information

Since master's programs usually have specific requirements that vary individually across programs, the staff members of the Student Services Office at LSC-University Center at Montgomery can also provide contact information for the partner university's program advisor. Inquiring students are encouraged to carefully review the university catalog regarding the program and speak directly with an advisor at the home university about requirements based on their unique educational background. For some students, master's programs may require prerequisite course work be completed at the undergraduate level. The contact person at the university giving the program can provide you with more information.

Information on Special Programs (Post-Baccalaureate & Doctoral Programs)