Kelly Bailey

Kelly Bailey

Kelly R. Bailey is the Director of Partnerships and Alliances for the Education and Career Advancement Services Division at Burning Glass Technologies. Ms. Bailey has been working with real-time labor market data in the education market for close to 8 years. Along with spearheading the fast growing Education Division at Burning Glass, Ms. Bailey has presented at over a dozen education conferences in the last year.

Ms. Bailey has also been married for eight years and is the proud mother of two girls, age 5 and 3. Burning Glass is a labor market analytics firm, which builds technologies to inform the global conversation on education and the workforce. Its tools provide detailed real-time awareness of labor market demand and skills gaps to educators, policy makers, researchers, and employers.

Tug-of-War: Learning to Relieve the Work/Life Pressure That Has You at the End of Your Rope.

For many of us, the game Tug-of-War was a cherished childhood pastime. The objective of the game was clear: two or more players pulled opposite ends of a rope to determine who was strongest. The stakes were low, the thrill was high, and the winner earned cherished bragging rights. Many professional women are surprised to find that, decades later, the game of Tug-of-War continues. The game is still all about tugging, but the stakes have gone up, and rather than competing for glory, it often feels that you have become the rope, relentlessly being pulled in different directions by the competing interests of children, husbands, career and more. Many of us are left with the feeling that, just like the rope in a Tug-of-War, there is no way for us to win. 

In this session, Kelly will share a personal Tug-of-War story that will make you laugh, cry and ultimately, learn to relieve the feeling of pressure that has you at the end of your rope. 

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