Tracie Slone

Tracie Slone

Global Procurement Manager – Marathon Oil Company
Session: “How do they do it?”
Decoding the mysteries on how women can achieve career goals.

Do you ever look at successful career women and ask, “How does she do it?” Have you ever sat in the middle of a meeting and learn about disappointing news and feel emotions taking over? Do you ever feel that you are hitting a ceiling and not progressing career goals the way you want? Do you ever listen to leadership advice and wonder how you can apply that in your life?

Tracie Slone, a senior leader within the Oil and Gas industry, has been attempting to solve these questions for over 15 years. During that time she has held 20 roles and positions within 2 companies, gotten married, had 2 children, and relocated 4 times.

Currently, Tracie Slone holds the position of Global Procurement Manager at Marathon Oil Company. In this role, she leads a supply chain team of over 100 professionals supporting contracting, materials procurement, inventory management, SAP systems, and shore base management efforts in West Africa, Poland, UK North Sea, Norway, and Kurdistan. She also leads a core team of Systems and Processes experts that provide global strategy and support on SAP Purchase to Pay, Contract Management, Contract Administration/Model Agreement Content, and monitoring/controls.

Tracie is a graduate of Bowling Green State University, with a specialization in Supply Chain Management. She is also a 2010 Leadership Texas Graduate.

Session: How Do They Do It?

During this hour, Tracie will share her insights on things women should consider as they manage their careers and lives. Based on the successes and failures she has experienced, as well as watched others experience, Tracie will share lessons on how to achieve success in your career through personal development, leadership engagement, sponsorship, role expansion, and disappointments.

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