What Would You Like to Work On?

  • Preparation (assignment comprehension, reading, ideas, research, etc.)
  • Content (focus, argumentation, support, development, logic, quoting, etc.)
  • Structure (organization, thesis, introduction, conclusion, transitions, etc.)
  • Style (formality, person, clarity, concision, diction/phrasing, parallelism, etc.)
  • Grammar (run-ons, fragments, tense, agreement, articles, prepositions, etc.)
  • Mechanics (comma usage, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, etc.)
  • Formatting (MLA, APA, Chicago, citations, cover page, header/footer, etc.)
  • General (specific disciplines, test preparation, workforce needs, etc.)

Issue Resource

Introduction to Prewriting (Invention), Purdue Online Writing Lab

Critical Thinking Critical Thinking, Study Guides and Strategies

American Literature: Short stories and classic literature from around the world, all available for free!

Close Reading How to Do a Close Reading, Carson-Newman University
Reading Poetry How to Read a Poem, The Writer's Handbook, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Reading Techniques SQ3R, Study Guides and Strategies
Research Preliminaries Research Preparation, Cal State- Los Angeles
The Writing Process Stages of the Writing Process, The University of Wisconsin - Madison

Issue Resource
Argumentation The Toulmin Method, Colorado State University
Critique/Review Book or Article Review or Critique Guidelines, Tidewater Community College
Focus Focus, Colorado State University
Literature Review Literature ReviewComponents,University of California at Santa Cruz

Logic in Argumentative Writing, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Using Sources

Plagiarism, LSCS Libraries

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Writing About Literature

Literary Analysis: Using Elements of Literature, Roane State Community College

Critical Approaches, Samantha Blackmon, Purdue University: A brief overview of different approaches.

Writing About Poetry

Writing About Poetry, Hamilton College

Poetry Explication, Sarah Lundquist

Analyzing Poetry, Roxanne Kent-Drury, Northern Kentucky University

Issue Resource
Basic Essay

Essay Planning and Structure, Massey University

The Five-Paragraph Essay, Study Guides and Strategies

Case Study How to Write a Psychology Case Study, Kendra Cherry, About.com
Attention-Getters Popular Quotes for Introductions, Goodreads

Conclusions, Effective Writing Center, University of Maryland University College


How To Write a Thesis Statement, Indiana University

Transitions Transitional Words and Phrases, Study Guides and Strategies
Structure ofPersuasion Persuasive Essays, the Basics, Time4Writing
Compare and Contrast Compare and Contrast Essay, Elsbee
Cause and Effect Cause and Effect Essay, Cal State- LA

Issue Resource

Writing Clear, Concise Sentences, The Writer's Handbook, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Brevity Wordiness, University of Victoria, A long list of redundancies

"He or She" Versus "They," Oxford Dictionaries Online: A progressive approach to the problem of gender-neutral pronoun reference.

Stereotypes and Biased Language, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Parallelism Parallel Structure, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Formality, Purdue OWL

Tone and Formality

Tone in Business Writing, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Video: Academic Voice: Using English's Biases For You, Ian Sherman, SlideShare: An eye-opening video presentation centered on vocabulary.


Voice: Active and Passive, Towson University


Non-Errors, Paul Brians, Washington State University: A list of things that people keep saying are wrong but are actually standard


Diction, Literary Devices

Issue Resource
Adjectives Comparatives and Superlatives, ESL Base

Confusing Pronouns, Writer's Web, University of Richmond: How to avoid mistakes in pronoun agreement.

Subject-Verb Agreement, Towson University: A self-teaching unit with visual aids and exercises.


Using Articles, Purdue OWL

Fragments Sentence Fragments, The Guide to Grammar and Writing
Modals Modal Verbs, Learn English
Phrasal Verbs Phrasal Verbs, English Club
Prepositions Prepositions: Locators in Time and Place, The Guide to Grammar and Writing
Pronouns Pronouns, Towson University
Relative Clauses Relative Clauses, English Grammar 4U
Run-Ons Run-On Sentences, Comma Splices, The Guide to Grammar and Writing
Sentence Structure The Structure of a Sentence, David Megginson, University of Ottawa
Sentence Types

The Discourse Functions of Sentences, The Internet Grammar of English

Imperative, English Language
TSI Test TSI Practice Questions
Verb Forms

English Verb Conjugator, English Language

Comparing Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Infinitive or -Ing?, English Club

Interactive Exercises

Advanced English Grammar Exercises

Grammar Exercises, Grammar Bytes

Issue Resource
Apostrophes The Apostrophe, Purdue Online Writing Lab
Capitalization A Little Help with Capitals, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Commas: Quick Rules, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Exercises on Comma Usage, The Guide to Grammar and Writing

Commonly Confused Words Commonly Confused Words, Oxford Dictionary
Hyphens and Dashes

Hyphen Use, Purdue Online Writing Lab

How to Use a Dash in an English Sentence, WikiHow

Lists Bulleted Lists: Capitalization and Punctuation, Judy Vorfeld, SiteTube
Quotation Marks Using Quotation Marks, Grammar Book
Colons and Semicolons Colons and Semicolons, St. Cloud State

Issue Resource
AMA Style AMA Style, BioMedical Editor
AP Style Associated Press Style, Purdue Online Writing Lab
APA Style

APA Formatting and Style Guide, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Frequently Asked Questions About APA Style, American Psychological Association

ASA Style Formatting in Sociology (ASA Style), Purdue Online Writing Lab
Chicago/Turabian Style

Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Citation Guide (all styles) Citation Guide, OnlineSchools.org
CSE Style
CSE Style Guide, University of Wisconsin
GSA Style

Geology Guidelines: Style, The Geological Society of America

Microsoft Word
Tips on MS Word, Allen Wyatt's Word Tips
MLA Style

MLA Formatting and Style Guide, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Issue Resource
Business Research Business Research, Free Management Library

Many Things: Fun ways to learn basic English skills.

Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students

HESI Exam HESI A2 Test, Nursing Exam Prep Info

How to Write a News Story, MediaCollege

Letter Writing

Letter Writing Guide: A thorough guide to many different types of letters, complete with examples.


Writing Exercises, Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Exercises, My English Pages

Principles Habits of Effective Writers, Hamilton College

Twelve Common Errors, The University of Wisconsin - Madison: A checklist to aid you in editing your work.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing, Hamilton College Writing Center


Resume Workshop, Purdue Online Writing Lab

Technical Writing guides and exercises Technical Writing, Penn State University
THEA Test THEA Test Skill Descriptions, THEA, Describes the skills tested

Dictionary.com: Find the spelling, meaning, pronunciation, history, translations, and much more.

Books Ngram Viewer, Google Labs: Look up any word or phrase to see a chart of its popularity over time.


Purdue Online Writing Lab: An extensive one-stop reference, often referred to as simply "the OWL."

Writing Center Handouts, Hamilton College
Worksheets, Arizona State

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