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Grammar Resources

Guide to Grammar and Writing from Capital Community College

Online English Grammar for ESL students from Edunet (click on Table of Contents)

Essay Writing Resources

Writing (basic types of essay; essay components)



Revision Strategies

Proofreading Strategy

The Grammar Proficiency Exam

What is the GPE? (PDF)

GPE Practice Test (PDF)

Writing Center Resources for Tutors and Students (physically located in The Learning Center)
* Support File of handouts: Color-coded to cover Study Skills, General Writing Issues and Grammar

* Rack of “favorite” handouts used by the writing tutors located adjacent to the Support File

* Alternate texts: Shelved on the bookshelves at the Main Desk and along the computer classroom wall

* 20 copies of the CD-Rom “Writer’s Resources” available for 2-hour check-out at the Main Desk. This disc is sold with the DS textbooks. The writing process is neatly covered in a self-paced format: invention, drafting, revision and proofreading. This disc could be useful for tutors helping students navigate different stages of the writing process.
Other Helpful Web sites