Annex B: Communications

The purpose of this annex is to provide information about the communications equipment and capabilities available during emergency operations. The entire communications system is discussed and procedures for its use are outlined.

Concept of Operations

Communications play a critical role in emergency operations. Extensive communication networks and facilities are in existence throughout LSC. When these capabilities are properly coordinated, response activities become more effective and efficientDuring emergency operations, the Emergency Operations Center or Virtual Emergency Operations Center, if activated, will serve as the communications center for emergency responders and senior administrators.  All departments will maintain their existing equipment and procedures for communicating with their field operations, but will coordinate the Emergency Operations Center.

Standard communication capabilities may be insufficient to meet the increased communications needs created by an emergency or disaster; therefore, various non-LSC resources (i.e., local or state agencies, amateur radio operators and business/industry radio systems) may be tasked to provide expanded communication capabilities.


  • Annex A: Warning, LSC Basic Plan
  • LSC Campus Management Manual
  • LSC OTS Disaster Recovery Manual
  • Departmental SOPs

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