Annex D: Evacuation

The purpose of this annex is to provide for the orderly and coordinated evacuation and closure of all or any part of Lone Star College if it is determined that such action is the most effective means for protecting the population from the effects of an emergency situation.

Concept of Operations

Evacuation and LSC facility closure are means of protecting the LSC community from the effects of a hazard. In planning for evacuation, the characteristics of the hazard and its magnitude, intensity, speed of onset, and anticipated duration are all significant factors. These will determine the number of people to be evacuated, the distance people must be moved to ensure their safety, the need for reception facilities, and the extent of traffic control and security required. The IC will oversee the implementation of response and evacuation plans for LSC.


  • FEMA, Guide for All Hazard Emergency Operations Planning (SLG-101)
  • Texas Disaster Act of 1975
  • State of Texas Traffic Management Plan
  • Annex S: Transportation, LSC Basic Plan
  • Annex M: Resource Management, LSC Basic Plan

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